Celestials at the Egg!


Celestials Rockwood June 27

Sunday, August 28th, at 1 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg!

Do come!! Xo marya

Hello Friends,

Hope you are all doing well in this late summertime, with choruses of katydids and crickets and cicadas — truly sounds of the heavens, to me.

Speaking of which: Celestials are incoming at the Dragon’s Egg this weekend! We are excited and so grateful to be there…
we will be in residence, working embedding/embodying song + dance in our set – please come by if you can, to see a showing of what we’ve been working on! It will be music that moves…

Sunday August 28th
The Dragon’s Egg
401 Shewville Road, Ledyard, CT 06339

The Celestials are: Clare Byrne Amy Larimer, Nicholas Leichter, Dan Strauss


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