Art Bark at the Egg

Art Bark Showing!  this Friday at 5 pm at the Dragon’s Egg!! 
I hope you can will be wonderful!
(I shall still be in Israel) xo m

ArtBark is thrilled to close out their third residency at the beloved Dragon’s Egg by gifting the community with a free showing of the fruits of their 6 day stay at the space that has become a treasured home away from home.  With infinite gratitude for the gifts provided by Mystic Paper Beasts – we love you so!  Donations welcome for those who feel compelled to support the process.

The works will be performed in NYC at Triskelion Arts May 29th @ 4:00 pm
Title:  ???
The work is a response to our community’s three-year process of developing the evening length work Alma.Sama and uses the meditation “What’s the solution?” as the impetus for poetic performance initiation. I imagine it expanding into an evening length playdate.
Architect, Innovator, Designer: Misa Kelly for the ArtBark Community
Performers: Cecily Stewart, Joanna Nobbe (who contributed to the process of allowing this expression to morph into a duet) Text: Misa & Cecily Soundscape: Stephen and Misa Kelly, vocalizations by the Kellys, Hannah Ruth Brothers, & Chris Rahwles  
Discover more about Misa:

Title: Ghost Duet
“In a time when successive generations of technology amplify human presence at distances for greater than the reach of the hand, what becomes the place and form of making at the scale and pace of the individual body?” Artist/Maker Ann Hamilton
Choreography: Trina Mannino in collaboration with Misa Mandigo Kelly  Performers: Misa Mandigo Kelly and Trina Mannino  Music composed by: Stephen Kelly
Knitted installations created by Misa Mandigo Kelly
Special thanks to the Triskelion Arts Space Subsidy Program made possible with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation & to the following individuals that contributed towards the purchase of yarn for this project: Susie Brandmeyer, Nicholas Mannino, Katelyn Eskau, Mary John Frank, Matthew Federico, & Heather Shea
Title:  Highly Unlikely
Choreography: Stephen Kelly
Performers:  Yvette Johnson, Trina Mannino, Joanna Nobbe, Cecily Stewart Costumes:  By the Company Music:   Stephen Kelly
Movement vocabulary: Performers, Stephen Kelly, and Nikki Pfeiffer.  Discover more about ArtBark:
Title:  Quench the War Within – a structured improvisation
This work is a response to the shock of recent terrorist expressions, and initial exploration helped me process and work through grief, it is a continuation of the meditation, “What’s the solution?” and plays with the concept of process as performance with elements from today’s performance serving as material for further development. Improvisation Playmates: ArtBarkers!  Concept Misa Kelly developed with the collective co-creatively


Sound: Don Mclean – Babylon  + found sound at the Dragon’s Egg, Mix by 

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