Andrea Ward in Residence!

Andrea Ward andNewImage Company will be in residence at the Egg from April 22-26.

Andrea Ward, dancer / choreographer, comes from Sarasota, Florida. Her passion for choreography began at age eight and continued to develop under the direction of artists such as Tzveta Kassabova, Teddy Tedholm, and Jeffrey Docimo. Andrea has also learned from Winifred Burnet of Hofesh Shechter Company and Cindy Salgado of Kidd Pivot. Music plays a central role in her work, and she oftentimes creates her own music to choreograph to. She’s currently recording an album that will be the basis for dance works to come. Andrea teaches in Florida and New York, with recent performances in the NYC based Young Choreographer’s Festival, the JChen Project’s TRANSLATE, and the 2016 Capezio Ace Awards. She’s also had the privilege of being the Center for World Arts/Harn Museum Choreographer in Residence in Gainesville, Florida. 


        Plexus is a New York City project-based contemporary dance company founded and directed by Andrea Ward. Plexus is a term that describes an intricate network of interwoven fibers present in nature and in the human body. Plexus lives in the form of fungal networks underground as well as dark matter in space. Working with concepts based in physics and natural phenomena, Plexus works to create raw human experiences through which people can engage with their surrounding environment and activate their awareness and self-education. My work is musically driven, embodying music as a natural source through which people become synchronized, harmonized, and empowered. 



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