Amani and Aya in September at the Egg


We are Amani and Aya, two performers, healers, aeralists and stewardess of the land applying for the Dragon’s Egg residency. Below we’ve included our bios and the rest of the application. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our application, we can’t wait to speak more.


Who:  Amani has dance training in various styles from Tap, Hip Hop, Belly, Modern, Soka, Pole, and various Aerial apparatuses. She combines her knowledge of the body from being a trained dancer, certified Liquid Motion teacher, and an energy healer to help others heal through movement and also find your OWN rhythm within your body. As a healer she has certifications in Reiki as well as Energetic Alchemy. She works with clients to give them the necessary tools to begin to know more about their bodies and guide them on how to heal themselves, through body work, visualizations, movement, color therapy, sound healing, and meditation.


Aya: I’m a pole dancing, rapping, time traveler. My work centers and uplifts healing black, brown queer folks , ancestors and magic of the Earth. In March I completed a fellowhsip with Superhero Clubhouse – where I worked on Drexciya, a mystical resistance story that explores black communities relationship to water in the height of the current water crisis. I’m currently working on their first sonic experience and performance titled project dirt. honey. glitter. water. This past June I curated Walking With Water, a weekend of events centering environmental racism and justice, land sovereignty, and healing the Earth through ancestral spiritual practices. Last summer I began learning how to farm at Soulfire Farm and taught my first nature based movement class titled Dancing with Plants and am excited to extend the deep the practice of dancing with and for nature.


I heard about Dragon’s Egg from Jeremy Pickard. I was a fellow in the inaugural Superhero Clubhouse fellowship and Jermey suggested I look into this residency.


Nature & Intent of the Activity:
We want to spend time in nature to create the curriculum for Sensual Circles. We live on opposite coasts, but feel that to do justice for curriculum we should co-create it together and be in nature to do so.

Sensual Circles Gathered in sacred circles and reconnecting with the earth to reawaken our senses. Our vision is a safer space for femme, queer, trans & non-binary people of color to come together in sacred circles to enliven their senses through earth based and body positive rituals.  

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