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Constellation Choir in Residence in October!

Constellation choir

Constellation Chor* is an improvising vocal performance ensemble made up of composers, singers, dancers and actors, and founded by music-theatre and choral composer Marisa Michelson 

*Chor from the Latin Cor meaning: heart, soul, mind; and the Greek Khoros meaning: to dance in a circle…
~chor is also meant to evoke the core, the center and the essence~
             Chor is inside of“chorus” and “choreography.”  The gestures and impulses we are working with might become voice or they might become movement.

Beverly Lopez and dancers has just been in residence!


Beverly lopez

REDi Dance Company is a community of story tellers that explore the power of listening and contributing with the body. The company advocates for interpersonal understanding and use a wide range of performance methods to reflect human experiences. The company infuses Latin dance styles, House, and modern dance to communicate and inspire healing connections. REDi Dance Company supports the health and wellness of Bronx  through the Picante Dance Series and the Dance Bridge Workshop.

Beverly Lopez
Artistic Director of REDi Dance
Director/Facilitator of Dance Bridge Workshop


Allison and Anna at the Egg in October!

Allison Snyder and Anna Nemetz are writers and performers based in New York City. While at the egg they will work on MY GIRL, a play that follows an intimate friendship over the course of 15 years. 

Amy and Kristy will be in residence later this month!


Amy Österreicher wil be in residency from Sept. 26-Oct.1 with Kristy Chambrelli.  

AMY: I as an artist, actress and playwright, am collaborating with a director on a multidisciplinary narrative, exploring trauma through the archetypal hero’s journey. “/fôrm/“ will incorporate art, movement, and music in an (autobiographical) story illustrated by mixed media art, and visual media. 


The story follows the exploration of a young woman as she redefines what it means to be “home.” Unexpectedly sucked into the world of trauma, she discovers, the darkest demons are within herself. Embarking on an archetypal hero’s journey, she recreates and forms a new definition of “home” through the lessons learned from trauma. She allows these lessons to illuminate her path give her a gift that she can bestow upon society, and herself. Forming a bold, new identity through art she finds “home” can never be rediscovered but instead reformed through, the expansive freedom of creativity, the universal symbols of myth, and the patterns in the stories all around us. 

Our story begins as Amy is discharged from the hospital. She is alone on stage surrounded by artwork and supplies from the hospital. Afraid of the outside world and surrounded by voices of doubt, she is thrust from a place she has come to call home for the past few months and thrust back into a world that feels unfamiliar and much scarier than before. She struggles with banal daily tasks and interactions. In seclusion, Amy retreats into the world of her imagination and uses her art as a way to communicate with the outside world. Using her discharge papers as her guide, she reexamines the traumas that have taken place and through creation is able to find her voice again. Determined to share her work with the community, Amy challenges her fears and mounts an art show. She is able to not only cope, but thrive as she puts the events of her life on display for her community. She is forced to deal with feelings she had long since cast aside and suppressed as everyone begins to leave. Her final moment on stage is a bookend to how she began, alone surrounded by her artwork and supplies, in which she experiences a final cathartic release and is able to express her emotions somewhere other than on a canvas. 



As we are devising the moments in this show, we are constantly discovering new ways to utilize objects, light, and media. Amy will begin on stage surrounded by every item needed for the show. As the story shifts time from the present to the past, practical things become more fanciful and take on different forms. Everything in Amy’s isolated world is utilitarian and transformative. Creativity provides a safe container for her to explore her emotions and start to form ways for her to deal with the traumas of the past. 

We are incorporating movement, shadow work, and possibly puppetry to represent some of the challenges and demons, Amy has to face. Her world is ever-changing and its form is constantly shifting through the use of projection and video design. Amy will be painting live on stage and we will be using painting not only in a practical sense but also deeply rooted in metaphor. This constant transformation of adversity to creativity will be present throughout all elements of design. 

I’m a survivor of sexual abuse, a total gastrectomy, a coma, 27 surgeries, organ failure, six years unable to eat or drink, and the PTSD that comes from a decade of trauma – all starting from my senior year of high school. I wrestled with various destructive coping mechanisms, until canvas, set me free. Picking up a paintbrush changed my world forever with a means of expressing what was too overwhelming for words. 



These stories, which were my narrative medicine, are interwoven with original songs and mixed media art to show the holistic experience of healing from trauma – a process that happens in felt sensations and lived through the body, not just our minds. This is a primal piece of live-storytelling – my own modern-day myth, created from trauma, of how I finally came back into society after trauma.” 

Trauma affected me in ways I sensed but couldn’t verbalize. I grappled with opposing halves of my psyche until I discovered the arts as an outlet for healing. “Imprints of traumatic experiences are organized not as coherent logical narratives but in fragmented sensory and emotional traces: images, sounds, and physical sensations.” -Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk

Masks at NTI/NMTI

NTIFall18 Masks MaryaUrsin Group 1 copy

September 10th and 11th were the days for the fall 2018 NTI/NMTi mask intensive!

This is their first workshop during their 14 week semester long program in theatre, music, movement, dance, writing, acting, production at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in Waterford, Ct.

Day 1 jeffrey focus copy

Marya and Dan conducted the workshop, with the able assistance of Doug Moffat, on the first day, and Marya continued the workshop with movement and monologue and performance on Tuesday.

Day 1 Rhianna painting copy

The students, aged 18 – 65, but mostly college aged, were open, willing, curious, inventive.  

Day 1 madeleine writing copy

They gave themselves fully to each portion of the task, and the products were wonderful.  

Day 1 paint washing copy

There are now 49 new masks in the world!

Aaron lauby copy

For Marya, it was a poignant time, as she remembered the exact same two days – it is always the first Monday and Tuesday, but the dates this year matched up with those in 2001, when David Jaffe was artistic director.   I remember the shock and confusion and fear we felt on that Tuesday morning, as reports came in of a plane having crashed into the first tower, and the a second plane.   There were students with relatives who worked in the towers, and my daughter was staying two blocks from the site.  We met, and decided to continue to do the work, to continue to create, as the best and only remedy, at that moment, that we could come up with, to continue to do something good in  the world.   The day was emotionally harrowing, and also amazing.  I thank those students of memory for their work that day.

Nic bergen copy

This year, our spirits were buoyant, and the students were open and generous, not to mention full of creative talent.


Jackie floyd copy

 I look forward to the semester ahead of us.  I thank them,  Rachel Jett, and all at the O’Neill who make this program work!  What a blessing in the world.

Day 1 Josh full regalia copy

photos are by Marya, with the exception of the first group photo, which is by Isaac Berliner, the official photographer for the O’Neill. Yay. 

London dailey copy

Alex Shilling and Friends are at the Egg

Alexx Shilling is at the Egg – and here is the Project Description:


Working title Madame JoJo’s
Working collaboratively for the first time Alberto Denis, Alethea Pace, Richard Rivera and Alexx Shilling join forces to create a new dance theater immersive performance experience. Inspired by the true life stories of legendary performance artists Josephine Baker, Carmine Miranda, Fanny Brice and other boundary crossing badass trailblazers. The Dragons Egg residency marks this group’s first opportunity to explore conceptually fragments that include everything from childhood hand Games, New Orleans b-line processionals, rhythmic jigs, and rites of passage for the departed.

Greyzone in Residence!

Greyzone in Residence at the Egg from August 29 through September 2.   

Lindy and Justin Fines are the founders and directors of GREYZONE, a New York City-based multimedia-dance company that has been presenting works for stage throughout NY and dance films nationally and internationally since 2011. GREYZONE melds Lindy’s choreography and artistic direction with Justin’s creative direction, yielding synergistic productions that investigate the collaborative potential of rigorous “neoformal” dance, sound design, time-based media, and visual arts. 
Lindy and Justin will be working on their current performance project BLOOM, a new trio with live sound. BLOOM will premiere in part at the Dance Gallery Festival at Ailey Citigroup Theater in November. Using the conceptual framework of ‘dance training,’ BLOOM explores how we receive and pass on collective histories, even as we unconsciously filter and transform those histories through our personal experiences. This work centers on embodied change over time, and will reference Lindy’s own choreographic archive, ballet and modern dance vocabularies, and the training and identities of the dancers. BLOOM seeks to unearth and cultivate the unanticipated intimacies that arise through the creation of a dance for three.  
During their time at the Dragon’s Egg, Lindy will be continuing research and development of movement material for the dance and Justin will be developing the sound score. 
GetPart 1
Film stills from GREYZONE short “Penumbra”. Director of Photography: Anibal Hernandez, Clothing/Styling: House of 950. 

Marya’s Fall Yoga Schedule

GG and Connecticut College

Gomukh The schedule will also be posted on our website:  www.dragonseggstudio.org
Pre registration for the session is requested.

Dragon’s Egg
401 Shewville Rd., Ledyard, Ct.  (exit 89, or 90 from I 95)

Monday evenings at 5 pm (4:45 optional meditation)
session: 8/27 = 12/17 (no class 9/10,  nor another tba) =15 classes.  Fee:  $160.  Single class:  $14

Wednesdays early! 7 am pre work one hour class, @$12, single class pay.  8/29 on..with tba days off

Saturdays tba: at 7:45 am, and  at 11:15 am., rarely – tba:  @$13

Student classes at CC on Tues-Thurs. 9 am begin 8/28, and at NTI on T, Th, F, begin 9/11
Please feel free to arrange with me to come early or to stay late to speak of yogic concerns:  I am at your service.  

I hope your days are full of joy and ease, peace and well being!  namaste,  Marya

Marya Ursin  (860 444 7247; dragonseggstudio@gmail.com; mybeasts@aol.com,  8 Hancox Street, Stonington, Ct. 06378

Various showings and events, tba, Look for announcements on email, the website www.dragonseggstudio.org, and FaceBook!
Tellabration at the Egg:   November 11,  Sunday, at 4 pm 
Holiday Egg- Sale/Auction/Poetry Reading: : 12/1 or 8 tba: 1-4 pm; poetry at 3 pm
New Year’s Eve:  12/31 from 6 – midnight:  open meditation, walking  meditation, sitting meditation, at the Dragon’s Egg, tba. 
Hygienic Egg!  Performances  in early March on a Sunday at 12 pm at the Hygienic Galleries in New London   

Hopkin-Beckman Residency at the Egg


Charlotte Hopkins and Jason Beckmann will be in residence at the Dragon’s Egg workshopping a new devised production of Chekhov’s ‘Seagull.’ They will be leading a collection of actor-musicians to accelerate this project to its next stage.


This workshop will explore unique musical stylings to represent the generational differences between characters as they attempt to fulfil their artistic ambitions or achieve some idea of fame. Heavily inspired by Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and its exploration of disillusionment, the performers will utilize elements of circus to revisit iconic characters.


Steven Meeker/Sarah Flaim and Co at the Egg!

 Yay!   Upcoming – at the Dragon’s Egg, from August 2-5, and 16-19.
Steven meeker
SMJ (Steven Meeker Jr.) – Book & Lyrics / Sarah Flaim – Music / Allison Acuff – Director
The creative team of At the Barre will be coming to the Dragon’s Egg for eight days to develop brand-new songs, overhaul the book, and develop movement vocabulary for the show with a goal towards staging a concert reading in NYC this coming fall. 
At the Barre is a musical in two acts that combines musical theater with indie pop as well as mime, ballet, stage combat, clown, and contemporary dance. Catherine, a talented principal dancer at ABT with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and Shawn, a non-binary, overweight mime with self-esteem issues, are thrust into each other’s lives after an insane audition. Navigating the format of a Golden Age love story, At the Barre focuses on how one finds their beauty, finds peace within themselves, and finds a genuine connection in a cluttered and overly talkative world.
IMG 2611  Steven Meeker Jr
SMJ is a graduate of Otterbein University with a BFA in Acting and Minor in Dance.
Sarah Flaim is a graduate of the University of the Arts with a BFA in Musical Theatre.
Allison Acuff is a graduate of Asbury University with a BA in Theatre/Cinema Performance and BA in English.
All are alums of the National Theater Institute.