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TAPAS in Residence, under Matt Garza

The Department of Dance & Movement Arts at TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts will be on residency at the Dragon’s Egg this month. The Dragon’s Egg has become a sacred space for TAPA’s dancers to reflect, create, collaborate, meditate, improvise, play, and process conceptual work against the backdrop of the Egg’s vitality, healing energy, and pristine nature. Last school year, The Egg inspired TAPA’s Dance Company to create two powerful pieces:
This Spring, TAPA’s dancers will be working a few exciting projects in process at the Egg:
CLOTHING AS A CRIME – an original performance piece (11th & 12th grade) that problematizes the criminalization of clothing in today’s society, particularly in schools and for marginalized cultures. Despite it’s origins as a peaceful and mediating alternative to gang violence, Hip Hop culture is increasingly stigmatized and associated with crime. What does a professional look like? Whose responsibility is it to protect women’s bodies from the male gaze? How can dress be a practice of self-expression and authenticity?
HONORING THOSE WHO RAISED US – an original lyrical dancehall/hip hop piece (11th grade, featuring 12th grader Janivel DeJesus) that explores that challenges experienced by those who raised us. Through interviews, research, and personal narrative, we will be telling the stories of our guardians. This piece is about celebrating those who came before us and honoring the people who overcome hardship to raise and care for children.


METAMORPHOSIS – an autobiographical dance solo devised by Janivel DeJesus (12th grade) that explores abandonment, relationships, destruction, transformation, and emancipation. 
STRANGE FRUIT – an autobiographical dance solo devised by Nyla Walker (12th grade) that celebrates a story of strength, womanhood, compassion, Blackness, and power.


SUBCONSCIOUS – an original dance piece devised by Jovana Gil (12th grade) that meditates on dreams, the prison-industrial complex, and consciousness.
CHAINED TO THE RHYTHM – an original performance art piece devised by Everlee Rodriguez (12th grade) that pushes the boundaries of reality and performance; critiques social rituals and rules; and calls for a sociopolitical awakening.



Matt Garza
Dance Artist in Residence
Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts
158 Messer Street
Providence, RI 02909

Come to the Egg!


All the seasons are the perfect ones!   The Egg welcomes you, and your dreams.


Photo Credit- Giulia Carotenuto


Tara O’Con



Tara O’Con and dancers were in Residence at the Egg in mid February!

FloorbodiesTaraDancing on the floor, 

GongsTaraenjoying the environs!

EggviewTaraPhotos are by Giulia Carotenuto

That Was the Hygienic Egg

The Hygienic Egg was a remarkable look at the poetry of Adrienne Rich on the part of dancers, hoopers, poets, monologuists, singers!  


The event moved from the entrance area, where, after Marya greeted everyone,  She read a portion of the forward to the collected poems of Adrienne Rich- up to 1974, a sort of call to arms for the time, and for today.  Christie Williams then read “Dedications” to invite us all into the poetic voice of Rich.


 The audience followed Marya to the basement gallery, which had a relaxed, industrial, art-in-progress feel to it.



 Here Cristin Cawley performed her passionate piece, inspired by “Final Notations”, followed by Arianna reading “From an Atlas of the Difficult World” -the same words Christie had read, but now in the voice of a young girl.  


Upstairs, we found Serena hooping to music by Ani Difranco, inspired by the poem: “That Mouth”.  



We then turned to hear blues monologuist Jason Rabin deliver a contemporary meditation on the work of the poet.  


The middle gallery held Christine Poland, and poet Tasha Levy, to a poem by AR, and then to one by Tasha, inspired by Rich’s work, in which we were led to step through the one door.  


Nora Fox sang a delicate poem in the doorway, with wisps of shadow in it, while the St. Patrick’s Day drums passed by.  


Kathleen Smith, Amelia Smith, and Ann Shenk performed in the front gallery, a piece rendering “Translations” into movement, crossing bodies and decades.


The show was closed with a reading by Bill Hossack of “Here is a map of our country”, “here is the Sea of Indifference, glazed with salt” – truly a call to action.


The performers were amazing and generous, and the audience was too.  We thank the Hygienic Arts for their spaces, their openness to our work coming to wander through, every March.

Hygienic Egg



Come to the Hygienic Egg!!

 on March 12th, at 12:30 pm,

at the Hygienic Galleries in New London. 



A group of performers associated with the Dragon’s Egg

will be responding to the work of the poet, Adrienne Rich,

in this promenade performance work. 


Among those artists participating will be


Cristin Cawley

Nora Fox

Bill Hossack

Serena Judge

Christine Poland and Tasha Levy

Jason Rabin

Kathleen Smith, Emily Smith, Ann Shenk

Christie Williams




The performance will be suitable for all; donations happily accepted ($5 suggested).

This event is imagined and organized by Marya Ursin, of the Dragon’s Egg.

M sag quizzical




Cristin Cawley in the Hygienic Egg

CristinbyEric Bandiero jpg


Cristin will be dancing to one of the poems of Adrienne Rich in the upcoming Hygienic Egg, on March 12th, at 12:30 pm, in New London, Ct.  Please join us!


CristinbyEric Bandiero2

Movement notations on the poem “Final Notations”. An interpretation of Adrienne Rich’s work, which portrays an individual dealing with struggles internally, socially, politically.  Striving to adapt, cope, and make a better situation.


Hygienic Egg 2017

March 12th, 12:30 pm, at the Hygienic Galleries in New London, Ct.

Alex pat hygiEgg 10


The Hygienic Egg, an assemblage project which takes place at the Hygienic Galleries in New London, under the auspices of, and with performers from, the Dragon’s Egg circle of performers and friends, will take place on March 12th.  Performance at 12:30. The performance will last about an hour, and will be appropriate for all ages.  Donations encouraged: $5.

Hygeggjason 12

This is a promenade performance that takes place in the various galleries of the Hygienic.  This year’s theme is the poetry of Adrienne Rich. 


Please join us as dancers, puppeteers, monologuists, hoopers, join together to respond to her powerful poetry.  

Hygegg 12a

Lena’s Spring Yoga

Lena is a Kripalu trained yoga teacher and has practiced many different styles of yoga ranging from Ashtanga to Baptiste. As a result, her classes are diverse in their offerings and are appropriate for all students, beginners and long time practitioners! Come move your breath and your body and enjoy the sweetness of an evening yoga routine.
Spring Dates =

March 23, 30

April 6, 13, 20, 27

May 4, 11, 18, 25

Time =
5 – 6 pm

Cost =

$100 for all 10 classes

$60 for 5 classes

$15 for a single class


Kellie Lynch and ECDC at the Egg



Yay –  an upcoming premiere: “If You Knew You Then” Choreography by Kellie Ann Lynch in collaboration with ECDC dancers. Shows: March 31, April 1, 7, 8 | Fri & Sat | 7pm & 9pm shows.
If You Knew You Then is a patchwork reconstruction of circumstances evolved from revisiting past behaviors and memories of the dancers’ younger selves. Emerged from themes such as leader and follower, aggression, tension and support, and peer influence, the 60-minute work builds a robust movement landscape where the performers are challenged with negotiating group chemistry and social constructs as they move through a social and solitary terrain.

Choreography by Kellie Ann Lynch in collaboration with dancers: Luis Antonio, Lindsey Bauer, Tara Burns, Nikki Carrara, Kellie Lynch, Samantha Russell and Alicia White.

Lee Houck and Jamie Graham in Residence

Lee Houck and Jamie Graham in Residence at the Egg!!  Yay!




Jamie Graham is a New York based dancer, impoviser, and physical comedienne. She divides her time between improvised dance theater duo The Raving Jaynes, with Amy Larimer, and Jenny Rocha’s dance theater cabaret group The Painted Ladies, as well as in depth study and project-based work with Barbara Mahler. She also teaches in the Movement Speaks program for Naomi Goldberg’s Dances for A Variable Population and is a Romana’s Pilates certified Pilates Instructor.  Jamie is currently developing solo material exploring habit, impulse, and shifting attention.




Lee Houck was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and, in 2017, celebrates 20 years of living in New York City.  His debut novel, Yield, was the winner of Project QueerLit 2008, and was published by Kensington Books in September 2010.  His writing appears in numbers anthologies published in the U.S. and Australia, and in three limited-edition chapbooks: Fire Island/Follies (fiction, 2014;) Warnings (poems, 2009;) and Collection (essays, 2006).  His other work includes original pieces for theater seen in Vermont, Tennessee and in New York City, art installations for the Musee de Monoian, and poetry in the Magnetic Poetry Calendar.  With Jennifer Miller, he has been seen in “Cracked Ice” and “The Golden Racket,” and with Circus AMOK! for many, many seasons.