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Grant Jacoby at the Egg

During my residency, I will be coming to the Egg to further develop my new choreographic work “wish you were here.” that will be presented on Friday June 1 and Saturday June 2 at 8 PM as a part of Take Root at Green Space in Long Island City, Queens. Below is a description of the work, my bio, and photos from the piece when it was last presented.


Grant Jacoby is a New York City based choreographer, performer, and teacher. He received his BA in Dance and Theater from Connecticut College and his MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College. He has performed in works by Merce Cunningham, Trisha Brown, David Parker & The Bang Group, Mark Dendy, Annie Kloppenberg, and Lauren Simpson, and was a company member of Quicksilver Dance and Lorraine Chapman The Company. He has presented his choreography nationally and abroad at La MaMa ETC, Triskelion Arts, Movement Research Open Performance, Green Space, The Dance Complex, Green Street Studios, AS220, and The International Festival of Arts & Ideas, among other venues. He has had residencies at The Dragon’s Egg, Green Street Studios, The Dance Complex, and as a part of The Shaker Dance Revival Project. He has also set pieces at Babson College, Endicott College, and OnStage Dance Company, and has choreographed numerous musicals, including the premiere workshop and production of Friday the 13th: The Musical. As a teacher, he has been on faculty at Boston Ballet, The Boston Conservatory, and The National Theater Institute.



“wish you were here.” is a post-modern dream ballet that meditates on fragmented memory, sudden loss, and Trisha Brown’s Newark. On an interpersonal level, the dance intends to explore what is gained and lost as we move further away from past events that haunt us. How might we step back into a physical and psychological space to unpack what once was, what has dissipated, and what still lingers? Furthermore, the work probes at questions surrounding inspiration, influence, and direct quotation. Indeed, as an artist, what does it mean to view established material and recognize a projected or idealized version of yourself inside of it, as well as a conceptual notion that you are similarly trying to wrestle with in your own movement practice? By stepping into someone else’s creative headspace or finished work, is there a way to unleash something undiscovered about your own way of thinking and moving? Designed for four dancers, “wish you were here.” is a quiet, and sometimes irreverent, movement study that proposes no finite conclusions, only a continued dialogue of of emotional and physical process and product.




Upcoming Acro Yoga on July 18 – two months to go!

Summer Sampler at The Dragon’s Egg!

Acro Yoga combines breath, movement and play!

Expand your yoga practice!

Increase your strength, stamina and confidence!


  • Hone body awareness
  • Strengthen the core
  • Improve your balance


Learn to go upside down with inversions like handstands and headstands.

Fly your partner and be flown with Acro Yoga!

A safe, community atmosphere all ages from newbie to seasoned yogi. No partners needed.


mollyheartyoga@gmail.com or call 860-961-8627



$15 per person

Wednesday July 18

5:30-7:30 PM

Molly Murkett Bruno is a yoga teacher passionate about incorporating recreation and relaxation into a healthy lifestyle. She integrates positive intention into yoga classes for empowerment both on and off the mat. She teaches restorative, gentle, vinyasa, and acro yoga at studios and locations in Southeastern CT.

The Dragon’s Egg

401 Shewville Rd, Ledyard CT


Molly Murkett Bruno

Marya Summer Yoga at the Egg



Elaine marya

The schedule will also be posted on our website:  www.dragonseggstudio.org

Pre registration for the session is requested, and will determine whether or not the class is a “go”. 


Dragon’s Egg

401 Shewville Rd., Ledyard, Ct.  (exit 89, or 90 from I 95)


Monday evenings at 5 pm (4:45 optional meditation) 

session: 5/14 – 8/13 (no class 5/28,  nor one other,  tba) =12 classes.  Fee:  $130.  Single class:  $14 


Wednesdays early! 7 am pre work one hour class, @$12, single class pay. 


Saturdays and other pick up classes tba   @$13

Jack pia aupaire


Summer Dance Sampler:  Wednesdays at 5:30 – 6:30   June 6 – July 25  tba


Narrative Project, based on Jane Eyre, will be on Saturday, 6/23, at 4 pm, at the Egg.  Come!!! A one time only performance involving performers local and exotic, suitable for all ages, by donation.  


Student classes  on Tues-Thurs. at TM/NTI on T, Th,  begin 6/19 at the O’Neill Theatre Ctr


Please feel free to arrange with me to come early or to stay late to speak of yogic concerns:  I am at your service.   


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I hope your days are full of joy and ease, peace and well being!  namaste,  Marya


Marya Ursin  (860 444 7247; mybeasts@aol.com, dragonseggstudio@gmail.com; 

8 Hancox Street, Stonington, Ct. 06378

TAPA Providence at the Egg

Tapa 17b

On March 15th & 16th, the Arts Educators at TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts gathered for professional development work around Diversity in Arts Education. While TAPA students have been coming to the Egg as Artists in Residence for several years now, this was the first time the adults (educators, artists in residence, staff, administrators, etc…) from TAPA came to the Egg. As always, the Egg provided a brave and open space to reflect, engage in meaningful dialogue, and creatively express important ideas and questions.

Garza Consent2

“…Our relationship with the learners demands that we respect them and demands equally that we be aware of the concrete conditions of their world, the conditions that shape them. To try to know the reality that our students live is a task that the educational practice imposes on us: Without this, we have no access ‘ to the way they think, so only with great difficulty can we perceive what and how they know. Educators need to know what happens in the world of the children with whom they work. They need to know the universe of their dreams, the language with which they skillfully defend themselves from the aggressiveness of their world, what they know independently of the school, and how they know it. ”

  • – Paulo Freire – Teachers as Cultural Workers, p. 72


Garza Consent3

This most recent Residency at the Egg was an opportunity for the TAPA community of Educators to strengthen their practice in a few areas:

  • Building community around diversity and creativity

  • Supporting TAPA’s diverse students and families

  • Supporting each other as diverse professionals in arts education

  • Explore art and creative practice as effective practices to learn

  • Strengthening collaborations and understanding amongst teachers, artists, administrators, staff, and board members

  • Setting aside significant time and space specifically for discussing diversity, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, religious discrimination, and other forms of oppression as they relate to our work as educators and our shared experience as human beings

For more information about TAPA’s Diversity work, please contact Matt Garza – Mr.Garza[at]TAPAProvidence.org

Belly Dance at the Egg – dance sampler


Wednesday, July 11 5:30pm-7pm

Bellydance with Erzulie erzuliedancer@gmail.com

Please pre register with me at mybeasts@aol.com, and be in touch with Erzulie with any questions!  RSVP in order for us to know if the class is a “go”!   @ $15 to the Mystic Paper Beasts, or cash on the evening is fine, too.   But let me know!!  xo m

Belly Dance with Erzulie

Middle eastern dance or as it’s popularly known—belly dance—is a fun way to get in shape, bond with fellow dancers, learn about new music and culture and have fun!

Erzulie is a celebrated Boston performer and has a decade of teaching experience so let her introduce you to the magical arts of belly dance. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes, bare feet or dance shoes and be ready to shimmy


The Hygienic Egg Breathed, and well.

HygEgg 18 Clare3
It was a wonderful event today at the Hygienic Art Gallery.
HygEgg 18 RobertPalm
My heart was wide, and my eyes full of tears and laughter, by turn, in the presence of the performers’ many ways ofHygEgg 18 Tapa5 entering this, the Poetry of Death.
HygEgg 18 Ara2

I thank them for their poetry, honesty, generosity, their ways of being, here, and now, in the world, offering it all to those lucky ones who were present as our audience, and to those not present, as well.
HygEgg 18 Cristin2

Our next Big Assemblage Event is the Narrative Event, which will be on June 23rd, at 4 pm, (call time 11, run at 12), at the Dragon’s Egg. Hold the date!!

HygEgg 18 BernLarry

xo marya
MaryaMirror3 18 18a

Hygienic Egg!


Come join us this Sunday for the Hygienic Egg, a performance that moves through all the galleries of the Hygienic Arts in New London, Ct.    The performers come from far and near, and all are associated with the Dragon’s Egg.  Here is our programme!
I hope to see you there!
March 18 at 12:30.
xox namaste, marya

Hygienic Egg 2018:  a Focus on the Poetry of Death

Performers are artists local and distant, all associated with the Dragon’s Egg.  
We are here in the galleries through the generosity of Hygienic Arts – thank you!! 
The project is conceived and assembled by Marya Ursin, of the Dragon’s Egg. 

1. Front Entry Bill Hossack will read  “Because I could not stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson

2. Front Entry behind/ around the counter. Golden Ratio (Larry Kern and Bernadette Golden) will                 sing “Lonesome Holler”:  Romy Hatfield and Julie McCoy are mad as heck that they are dead.

3.  downstairs front end of room… Cristin Cawley will dance a solo “Cent’ Anni”, from the Sicilian                  funeral procession; music: Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana, by Pietro Mascagni. 

4.  downstairs.  Christie Williams will read original poem, “First Blood”

Lynnrajewskifeathers 5.  downstairs back end of room…Rena Judge hooping to “Oh Death” by Rising Appalachia 

6.  upstairs at top of stairs in entry  Jason Rabin monologue- Blues songs about death.

7.  upstairs back end of entry area.  Bobbi Nidz – puppetry and flute
         “Cry, Heart, But Never Break, by Ringtved”.

8. middle gallery.  Gillian Whittle will read original poem, “Mr Tod”

9.  middle gallery   Clare Byrne –  “Beloved Nothing”  (dance/music)

10.  middle gallery  Robert Palm will read original prose poem.

11.  middle gallery  Kathleen Smith (choreographer) will dance:  “For Death”
    by John O’Donohue; read by Luanne Benshimol

12.  Milt Angelopoulos will read John Donne: “Death Be Not Proud”

13.  front gallery….Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts students will dance “Doomed”

14.  front gallery.  Ara  Fitzgerald: solo dance/text: “Why Did Sarah Bernhardt Sleep in a Coffin?“

15. front gallery: Sandy Laub will read Dylan Thomas: “And Death Shall Have No Dominion”


Woman holding mirror on grass reflection
We thank the performers, who have given of their dreams, their time, their presence, to us,
and to you, for being present for these explorations.  
And we thank the Hygienic Galleries, here in New London, for all they do!   xox mcu  
www.dragonseggstudio.org, Join to help support the artists and activities of the Dragon’s Egg!  contact Marya at mybeasts@aol.com
March 18, 2018

MVenice 58

Stress, Fatigue, Nutrition – Free Workshop


Free Workshop on Stress and Fatigue

Would you like to have more energy?  Do you feel stressed and off balance?  How would your life change if you had more energy?

Come learn about how nutrition is linked to stress and fatigue and how to start improving your health today.

March 29th 5:00-6:00

Dragon’s Egg 401 Shewville Rd. Ledyard

Speaker: Cara Joseph

Cara JoseGetPart 1ph is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Nursing. She also holds a bachelor’s of science in exercise physiology from Arizona State University and has extensive training in Nutrition Response Testing and Nutrition from Ulan Nutritional Systems.

After nursing sick patients in the hospital for over a decade Cara wanted to provide a way for people to gain control of their personal health.

Cara helps clients obtain wellness through natural means that work harmoniously with the body. She is a seven time Ironman triathlon finisher and mother of two.


Preregistration required –

To register for this workshop contact Cara Joseph at c_joseph34@comcast.net or (860) 334-3331

The Hygienic Egg!

Sunday, March 18, at the Hygienic Galleries in New London – yay!!

Our annual promenade performanceMars in Crazy J,
by a number of artists who have been in residence at the Dragon’s Egg,
– at the Hygienic Galleries  in New London – is coming up!
There will be music, dance, puppetry, theatre, hooping, poetry, with the audience moving through the many galleries at the Hygienic as we move through the event.
It will be onCristin10
Sunday, March 18, at 12:30 midday,
at the Hygienic, on Bank Street, in New London.
Donations are welcome!
Assembled by Marya.

It will last about an hour and is suitable for all ages.

I hope to see you thereJason in crazy!

xo marya

Long Dance leaves…



The international gathering of contact improv artists at the Egg draws to a close.



 I was honored to be able to be present for their showing on Saturday.  


Wonderful explorations!LongdancePainting

We hope they will return!