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Nick Checker’s Benefit Performance of Druids

Nicholas Checker will perform a Storybook Theater rendition of a key sequence from his fantasy adventure novel, DRUIDS, Saturday, July 15th, 4:00 PM at the Dragon’s Egg Theatre & Dance Studio, 401 Shewville Rd., Ledyard.

This is a benefit performance to help generate funds to offset repair costs for Dragon’s Egg co-owner Dan Potter’s art studio, burnt to the ground last winter.

Audiences who find appeal in a tale of an isolated teenage mystic joining with a female knight vying for acceptance in a male-dominated culture, and a swaggering cavalier knight who has little regard for women-in-combat or mystics, will find this unlikely threesome engaging as they seek to rescue their land from a deranged sorcery.

Admission is free, as are the refreshments, but donations of any amount at the door will go toward the rebuilding of Dan’s art studio.
Discount copies of Druids will also be on sale.  Further information, mybeasts@aol.com or 860-444-8711. 

Soomi Kim – August Resident!

Soomi Kim  Peter yesley 2

Soomi Kim- creator and performing artist 
Leta Tremblay- director
Kevan Loney- Video artist
Bryce Cutler- Scenic designer
Mia Chung- dramaturge

Show title: MLCG (My Little china Girl)

Project description:

When David Bowie died, performing artist Soomi Kim was suddenly reminded of her own coming of age as a Korean American in the MTV generation and her adolescent desire to be the exotic Asian woman in Bowie’s China Girl video. MLCG (My Little China Girl), written, choreographed and performed by Kim, video artist Kevan Loney, to be directed by Leta Tremblay. MLCG is a high octane solo performance that traverses Kim’s experiences as a first generation Korean American navigating the tyranny of Western perceptions of beauty; the absence of Asians in mainstream American media; and the dearth of Asian heroines in American narratives. 

World premiere run at Dixon Place November 3,4,10,11,17,18 at 7:30 2017
MLCG is commissioned by Dixon Place
Show page and tickets: 
Soomi Kim’s website:
Leta Tremblay’s website:
Kevan Loney’s website:
Bryce Cutler’s website:
Mia Chung’s page:
The time at the Dragon’s Egg will be spent dividing focus in the different disciplines involved in this piece.
We will spend the week developing the writing, movement and video/design elements. Our goal is to have a working 1st draft script by the end of the week! We look forward to spending quality time together away from the distractions of the city life as well as grooving on the process of making new work.
 The first photo  is the promo shot (by Peter Yesley)
The others are from a work in progress at Dixon Place that she did in February. 

Nathalie Jonas – August resident!



Nathalie Jonas is a choreographer, teacher, and Feldenkrais Practitioner.
She will be returning the Dragon’s Egg after almost two decades on August 17th and 18th. She is currently at the half-way mark of earning her MFA in dance from Sarah Lawrence College.
During her residency at the Dragon’s Egg, Nathalie will begin to conceptualize and investigate movement for her new work she will be setting on the Sarah Lawrence students this coming fall. 

Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique

July 5:  5:30 – 6:45, Contemporary/Modern Technique Dance;  $15.

Chloe Carlson




We will focus on the joy of moving and on individual artistic expression as we explore spacious, vigorous dancing and engage in a movement community.  Class includes a structured warm-up leading to longer phrases in center and across the floor.  Some previous dance experience recommended; senses of playfulness and openness encouraged! 


“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.”~Pina Bausch


Photo courtesy of Nikki Carrara © 2017; Sculpture: Gil Boro


Animal Farm is Coming

Come come to Animal Farm!
This Saturday, June 24, at 4 pm – a one time only event!
Donations welcome
All ages.
At the Dragon’s Egg.

Eggclouds Park in the far field, and come along the designated path to meet Major and Squealer and Snowball and Napoleon and Boxer and Mollie and Benjamin and Muriel and the chickens and dogs and cats and other pigs of the farm!

Chickens The performance will then take place inside the Dragon’s Egg, and should run about an hour or so..By donation.
Pigs The book by George Orwell is our springing off place, and then the dancers and artists involved do a 5 minute or less each “riff” on the text. 


The Mystic Paper Beasts will provide some literal beastie intervals to help tell the tale!  Please do join us!
xo namaste, marya

the Seven Commandments

Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy
Whatever goes upon four legs, or wings, is a friend
No animal shall wear clothes
No animal shall sleep in a bed
No animal shall drink alcohol
No animal shall kill any other animal
All animals are equal

Kundalini at the Egg

June 28: 5-6 pm at the Egg!


Kundalini Meditation.

Kundalini: An hour long dynamic meditation from Rajneesh, including shaking, dancing, slow motion, and relaxation. It is an amazing release of energy. Suggested donation: $5

Marya Ursin (BA, MA, MsT, RYT500) is the Director of the Dragon’s Egg, co director of the Mystic Paper Beasts, and is on faculty of the National Theatre Institute and of Conn. College. She has been dancing/performing since age 3, and doing yoga since age 19. She has been teaching yoga since 1981. www.dragonseggstudio.org

RSVP so we know if the class is a “go” or not!  my beasts@aol.com

Dan’s Kickstarter Update

We are 76% there, and counting! Only 11 days to go! Please do share this project, and help us to be fully funded so that we can re build a studio for Dan. Thank you so much, all of you, for your support and generosity and interest.

And thank you to the most recent donors:

Kathleen Pickard, Rebecca Davis, and two “guests”.

And, if you are local, do come to Animal Farm this Saturday, June 24th, at 4 pm, at the Egg! A one time only performance! Much fun will be had by all!

Also, NB that Nicky Checker will be doing a dramatized reading from his novel, Druids, on 7/15 at 4 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg, to benefit the rebuilding project.

Thank you all, so much! I am deeply touched, over and over again. xo marya



Animal Farm at the Egg

Animal Farm!


June 24th at 4 pm at the Dragon’s Egg Studio, a one time only event!  there will be dance and theatre, monologue and song, beasts and commentary!   Come one, come all!  It will be a lark!  or a pigsty!  This show is for all ages, by donation, or free.  The show should last about an hour, give or take, and begins with a mise en scene in the woods approaching the Egg.   You park in the far field, and enter the farm, meet the animals, and then get ushered into the Egg.

This year’s Narrative Project will use Animal Farm by George Orwell as its jumping off point.  A prompt is sent to the performers and each creates a five minute maximum “riff” on the text.  These reflections on the story, character, themes, are then linked by the “beastie bits”, more literal intervals involving Mystic Paper Beasts costumes and masks.


Past projects have included Dante’s Inferno, Romeo and Juliet, the Ramayana, Peter Pan, Orpheus, Alice in Wonderland.  George Orwell wrote his allegory in 1945.   Marya, who assembles the narrative projects, thought it might be an interesting examination this summer.

Do come join us!

We wish you peace and well being.  

Mars in Crazy J

See you on Saturday!

Quality of Touch Workshop

  • Quality of Touch to Composition: a two-part workshop with setGO
    Saturday, June 17 at 10 AM – 5 PM
    Dragon’s Egg, CT

    Inline image 2
    In this open-level workshop, we will build a foundation of skills through Contact Improvisation practices and solo movement generation and then, in the afternoon, move into group scores for composing in the moment.  You can register for either the morning or afternoon, or, even better, join us for the whole day.  

setGO is a Contact Improvisation research and performance ensemble founded in 2016 by dancers Shura Baryshnikov, Aaron Brando, Bradley Teal Ellis, Paul Singh, and Sarah Konner.  The group shares a love for whimsical, whole-hearted, virtuosic improvisation; they have been dance-making together since 2009. 

In a time when we are increasingly detached and technologically dependent, what type of communication humanizes us? What kind of communication establishes and reinforces bonds rather than isolates us? When we practice Contact Improvisation, our primal faculties are on display, which can remind us of the pure essence of human communication. Each dancer is relying on their own body, the most complex operating system we have access to, using the body as a human landscape and exploring movement in the relation to earth’s physical laws as well as a partner. We believe that CI challenges our overwhelming acceptance of media ecology, offering a respite from our dependence on virtual information. Contact Improvisation is analog versus digital. It is subversive in a time with so much digital dependence. The practice of Contact Improvisation provides an opportunity to zoom into the ecology of the body and then out to experience composition, community, and culture. We are simultaneously negotiating shared choice-making with another human, creating new languages and mode of communication with every dance. When examining the etymology of the word communication, we learn that it literally means “to make common.” With this non-verbal language, we build community through communication. 

$30 Morning Contact Improvisation session: 10am – 1pm 
$30 Afternoon Composition session: 2pm – 5pm
To register email: setGOdance@gmail.com
Please pay through paypal: setGOdance@gmail.com

If you’d like to send a check, let us know by email and we’ll send you the mailing address. 

For more info on setGO visit


Shura Baryshnikov
Co-Founding Artistic Director of Doppelgänger Dance Collective

Trinity Teaching Associate 
Department of Theatre Arts and Performances Studies, Brown University
Dance & Movement Instruction, Brown/Trinity MFA in Acting and Directing

Dance Program Coordinator 
Moses Brown School

Past Lives Perspective Workshop

Past Lives Perspectives Workshop will be at the Egg on July 22, from 10 – noon.  $40. 
Please pre register with Robert Baird (see below) and copy Marya on your email so that she, too, will have a record of registrations. Thank you! 

Robert is a Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists. His practice includes working with individual and corporate clients.
The Past Lives Perspective workshop offers a guided hypnotic journey through time designed to witness previous life times. Information from the past often sheds light on challenges or awakenings in this lifetime. 
Unlock the key to this lifetime when you experience life from the past employing techniques to activate or remove memories.  It a very enlightening experience.
Registration in advance is required; please call Robert at 860-245-9176 or if you questions please email us at pastlivesmatter@gmail.com.