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AnA Collaborations at the Egg

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AnA Collaborations and Baye & Asa worked alongside each other

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creating new and revisiting old material for live and on camera projects,

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as well as teaching online movement classes and writing grant proposals.

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Dragon’s Egg provided us with the kind of environment and space we needed to bring our ideas and vision to fruition.

All photos were taken by our collaborator and cinematographer, Blake Horn.

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Reaction Dance


Reaction Dance Company has been in residence at the Egg!


Valentine Poets and April Earth

The poetry reading yesterday was lovely, with voices varied about the joys, losses, insanities, fantasies, whimsy, impossibleness, of Love.

(By Jim Long)

Our next pubic zoom event with be what is usually our early March Hygienic Egg. This year, we are on zoom, and we have moved the date to late April, to include a celebration of the Earth and of all things, as we bring our focus on the poetry and prose of Gary Snyder.
This will be on April 25th at noon – we look forward to seeing you then!

In the meantime, stay safe, be well, breathe, be at ease.

(From Marya’s car window, one glorious evening)

Dragon’s Egg Presents: Valentine’s Day Poetry


Poetry, Prose, and Music of Love?
Dragon’s Egg Presents!
On Sunday, February 14, at noon, on zoom, a short program to tickle your fancy

See below for the zoom link.

Sophia s pear

Marya, as the MC, will be reading portions of a prose poem, “Untitled”, by Dian Parker, interspersed between the other poets.

“Untitled” by Dian Parker

“Social Distancing” by Melanie Greenhouse. (March 27, 2020)

Four short poems by Alice Pero
“This Calmness”
“In My Perfect Landscape”
“Sea Chantey.”

“French Kiss” by Christie Williams

“Untitled” Serena Judge

“The Perfect Birthday Present” by Sara Ingram

“Valentine” by Dan Potter

Three short poems read/performed by Sandra Laub
“Love after Love” is Derek Walcott
“Many waters cannot quench…” by Jeanette Winterson
Final Notations by Adrienne Rich



Melanie Greenhouse is a poet/playwright whose themes often consider the natural world and the vanishing natural landscape.  

Sara Ingram is a poet, dancer, and teacher.  Her book of poetry, Sounds of House and Wood (Antrim House) celebrates New England winters and childhood memories.  Sara lives in Deep River and is a member of the Connecticut River Poets, and the Connecticut Storytelling Center.

Serena Judge is a computer geek who plays with plastic circles, and sometimes puts pen to paper to create vignettes of her life.

Sandra Laub has taught English to 11th and 12th grade students for a long while; she’s also a performer (her one-woman performance of William Gibson’s “Golda’s Balcony” will go virtual in March for the BrownBag series of Providence, RI) and adapter of literature for performance.  Sandra has been enjoying the camaraderie, collaboration, creativity, and spontaneous combustion sparked by Dragon’s Egg for a long while, too.  Thank you for providing this space and time and connection, Marya!

Dian Parker writes for a number of arts magazines and literary journals. She is an oil painter and lives in Vermont.
Alice Pero is a New Yorker who became a left-coaster. Her poems are published in many anthologies and magazines. Her 1st book of poetry, “Thawed Stars” is available on amazon. She has done dialogues with 20 poets and currently dialogues with Dan Potter. She is also a flutist and founder of both Windsong Players Chamber Ensemble and Moonday reading series in Los Angeles. Find more poems and videos on alicepero.com

For the past five years Dan Potter has been exchanging poems every other day
with West Coast poet, Alice Pero.  He is also a sculptor, painter, mask maker, performer, co director of the Mystic Paper Beasts, co creator of the Dragon’s Egg.

Marya Ursin, your MC today and the instigator of this event, is a dancer, mime, yogi, writer, performer, co director of the Mystic Paper Beasts, and executive director of the Dragon’s Egg.

Christie Max Williams is a writer and actor who lives in Mystic, Connecticut. He has worked on stage, film, and TV in California, New York, and Connecticut and also as a fruit vendor in Paris, a salmon fisherman in Alaska, a consultant on Wall Street, a writer for the National Audubon Society, and in leadership posts for non-profits. He co-founded and for many years directed The Arts Café Mystic. His poetry has won the Grolier Prize, placed second in the Connecticut River Review Contest, and was a recent finalist for the National Poetry Series and Morton Marr Prize.

Welcome to a Dragon’s Egg zoom Poetry event!
Donations are welcome: paypal.me/dragonseggstudio

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Topic: Valentine Egg
Time: Feb 14, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Maia and Medea fly at the Egg, in Residency

Maia medea1

Maia&Medea are versatile multidisciplinary circus and dance artists who have worked together for several years in solo and ensemble projects.

We are working on splicing together our two solo shows into an integrated program. We spent this week at the Egg devising points of encounter and overlap, and fleshing out the shape of the whole.

Maia medea2
Medea’s arc is about becoming a phoenix in the face of mental turmoil. It is structured by the phases of bipolar disorder from first-hand experience.

Maia’s arc is about locating yourself in the world and history when every box this chimera has ever checked is the one marked “other.”

We envision that each arc could be experienced as a complete work in itself, while also existing in an enhanced form through the combination. Coming from a deeply personal place, as we interact with each other, each person’s story ends up affecting the other’s–from one alien to another.Maia medeaSnow

February for Love, March for the Poetry of Eco Well being

Davidbrown creek

Our poetry event, Welcome to the New Year, was a fine success, on zoom. There are two dates upcoming for you to hold – I shall post more information as we go along, but, meanwhile:

The Poetry of Love, on 2/14 at noon, via zoom.
The Vision of Gary Snyder, this year’s Hygienic Egg, again on zoom, on 3/7 at noon.

Feb. 14, at noon,
the poetry of Love
I have, so far, as readers:

Dan Potter
Alice Pero
Christie W
Milt A
Sandy Laub
Melanie G.
Hetty Startup

And on March 7th, at noon, the Hygienic Egg, with a focus on the writings of Gary Snyder, performance in any medium: word, dance, song, puppet.


I have on my list as performers, so far:

Melanie G
Sandy L
Jason R.
Lesley Farlow

I hope you will be able to join us, and, if you are a poet, performer, musician, and would like to be a part of one of these events, please do be in touch with me!

Zoom codes to follow before each event.

Stupa12 2020

Marya Zoom Yoga Yes! will continue throughout the spring.

Viparita  hand supported
I thought I would give you all the codes for the yoga classes we are currently having on zoom, so that you can keep them, though I shall continue to send reminders…
These are for the zoom yoga classes on Mondays and Thursdays at 9 am, Tuesdays at 5 pm, and Saturdays at 10:30 am. I expect the classes to be ongoing, for the nonce.

If you would like for me to add you to my email list announcing yoga classes, let me know!

I hope to see you!
xo marya

I welcome you to the yoga class that meets on Mondays and Thursdays, at 9 am.

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I welcome you to the yoga class that meets on Tuesdays, at 5 pm.

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I welcome you to the yoga class that meets on Saturdays, at 10:30 am.

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These classes are free or by donation. You may either use paypal:
or by cheque to me at Marya Ursin, 8 Hancox Street, Stonington, Ct. 06378

I hope to see you!!


Use Fee and Membership Fee

Membership is required of anyone using the Egg for any purpose. The minimum rate is $20 per person, per calendar year (January – December) and need only be paid once in that year.

Use Fee

For individual artists and their companies

This fee is applied each time a group or individual comes to the Egg.  The fee covers the entire group. Each member of the group is required to join the Mystic Paper Beasts as a member once a calendar year: @$20.

For a single day or evening:  $40
For a weekend: $75 (one night, two days)
For 3 -5 days: $100 (2-4 nights)
For 6 – 8 days $ 150

Hourly rates: $20 for the first hour, @15/hour thereafter

Overnights not a part of a formal residency: @ $20

We hope that these minimal fees will be affordable to young working artists, and will make a residency a practical possibility. 

You may donate, or pay your membership, or use fees, via pay pal:
or by cheque to the Mystic Paper Beasts.

Use Fee: Institutions: Membership

We regard institutions (colleges, theatre training schools, etc.) and individuals directly associated with them to be a distinct category, as these institutions generally are economically more robust than are fledgling dance and theatre companies.   The Egg seeks to serve all kinds of artists, and recognizes that some may be able to pay more, some less.   
The membership/rental policy regarding institutions (such as Connecticut College, National Theatre Institute/NMTI, Brown University) is as follows: The applicant must join the MPB at an individual rate (minimum individual rate is $20 per year).

The flat use fee is not additionally applied to these institutional fees.

Proof of insurance is required.  If no proof of insurance is available, the applicant may alternatively join the MPB as a group so that they would then be under our insurance (as described above).  
This membership would be in addition to the following flat fees, and would be good for a calendar year (January – December), so a repeat visit would not occasion additional membership fees, but only the flat fee described below.
This fee can hopefully be included in any funding/grants the artists from the various institutions might be receiving.

Single day: $125
Single evening (3 hours max, after that- an extra $10 @ additional hour): $75
Single day and evening: $175
Weekend: $275 (two days and one evening)

Programme for Tellabration

The Programme

Tellabration is an annual celebration of Storytelling throughout the state during the month of November organized by the Connecticut Storytelling Center (csc@conncoll.edu).
The Dragon’s Egg (www.dragonseggstudio.org) has happily been a part of this event for many years. Marya Ursin, executive director of the Dragon’s Egg, is the producer today, and will be introducing each teller. (mybeasts@aol.com)

Programme for the Telling

“The Three Dolls” a folktale from India. (And a second story tbd)
Glenn Harper was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia, and moved to Connecticut in 1996. He grew up listening to his mother reading stories, and enjoying Appalachian tales told during the yearly Vandalia Festival that took place in his hometown. His first real turn as a storyteller came at that same festival when he was an eighth grader. On the spur of the moment, he decided to participate in the Liar’s Contest by telling a “shaggy dog” story he’d learned in camp. It wasn’t until years later, however, that Glenn’s wife, Amy Lilien-Harper, suggested that he might enjoy listening to stories at the meetings of the local story sharing group. After several months of listening, Amy was again a driving force behind Glenn finally deciding to try his hand at telling in front of the group, but he never looked back from there. He now writes many of his own stories, be they modern fairy tales, new ghost stories or his particular specialty, hilarious tales of misadventure, often set in small rural communities. Glenn also enjoys art, photography, ballroom dancing, and especially playing with his two daughters. www.glennharperweb.com/storytelling

“Ponies in the Corral”: Three 4th grade boys, 1 girl, and 1 mother.
Sara Ingram is a poet, dancer, and storyteller who has been a teacher of gifted and talented students for many years. Her book of poetry, SOUNDS OF HOUSE AND WOOD (Antrim House) celebrates New England winters, eccentric uncles and her librarian mother. Sara lives in Deep River and is a member of the Connecticut River Poets, and the Connecticut Storytelling Center.

“The Voyage of the Bluebird.” -a down East Maine tale of humor deep New England humor.
Carl Peruzzotti, a native New Englander, is an avid boater, sailor and aficionado of all things nautical.

“Dragon Castle,” a Northumberland folk tale from northeastern England. It takes place in Bamburgh (Bom’ burr) Castle, which you can still visit today!
Judy Petersen was a media specialist in Greenwich, CT, for 41 years. She’s been a storyteller since 1989. Judy is the former Artistic Director for the Connecticut Storytelling Festival. She continues to serve on the Festival’s Teller Selection Committee. She is a recipient of the Barbara Reed Award “for distinguished and outstanding service to the Connecticut Storytelling Community.” Judy is a member of the Anne Izard Storytellers’ Choice Book Award Committee.

Second story by Glenn, tbd.

“Sky woman, and the beginning of America”
Mystic Paper Beasts/Marya Ursin

We thank you – the audience, the tellers, the Egg, and the Ct. Storytelling Center, for the stories that truly keep us grounded and flying! Namaste, marya

Tellabration is Sunday, November 15, at 4 pm, via zoom

Tellabration is Sunday!!! I hope you can join us!

M Pequotsepos

Marya Ursin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Tellabration!
Time: Nov 15, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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