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NTI creates masks again!


The Spring 2019 National Theatre Institute students have exploded into the now with 26 new masks, monologues, movement pieces, collaborations, meetings of mind and spirit.  

Building masks2

They worked diligently, creating characters and worlds through their pieces this week.  

Building masks

NTI, an intensive training program for college aged (and beyond) students of the theatre, takes place at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Centre.  It is a 15 week program, the “boot camp” for upcoming and present theatre professionals: actors, writers, directors, musicians, and takes place in the spring, and in the fall (fall session also included musical theatre training), and in the summer (a shorter program that also takes advantage of the National Playwrights’ Conference, which takes place at the O’Neill in the summer.  It is a rich program.  

Hallie riddick

Dan and Marya had the privilege to lead a workshop this week in mask making, monologue and movement in mask, at the O’Neill.  

Annika perez kirkorian

There is always a final project, at the end of the semester.  This semester, it will be on May 3rd and 4th, probably at 7:30 pm.  These are free offerings.  Put it on your calendar now!

Haruka ueda

Blessings on this season of brrrr chilly weather, ever changing.  xox marya

Laureanne kuiters

Upcoming Residency: Clare Byrne

Clare Byrne ghost
Clare Byrne will be working on a new dance-music solo as part of the Dragon’s Egg annual March event at the Hygienic Gallery, inspired by Old Possom’s Book of Cats.

Hygienic Arts!

We had a lovely time at the Children’s Hygienic Arts show today,HygKids 19 nana valloton

and visiting the 

Hyg 19 JimS Patnode

Salon des Independents, as well!

HygKids 19 JenOwl

We look forward to Mayfly and other upcoming Hygienic events this week.

Beasts at the Hygienic: Salon des Independents


Come This Saturday to the Young Artists event, a part of the weekend of colourful and active events that are a part of Hygienic Arts’ Salon des Independents (Sat. eve at Hygienic Galleries).


We Beasts will be roving on Saturday from 12:30 – 1:30 at the gallery on the corner of State St. and Meridian St. in New London.


And on Monday and Tuesday, the Beasts will be midwifing 27 new masks into being at the O’Neill!


Classes are ongoing at the Egg, as are residencies on the part of amazing artists.

Gina elizCone

xo marya

Nadine at the Egg

Nadine 2

The NADINE Project (New Artists Dance in New England) was created to encourage young professional choreographers and support their work in a congenial environment. This ‘playground’ residency for making dances is under the mentorship of its founders, Libby Nye and Janet Mansfield Soares.  January 3rd-6th a handful of NADINE’s talented choreographers will keep away the cold and start the new year right by creating new works together.

Nadine 1

Hooping at the Egg



The Monday Night Spin Jam is a band of open-minded, non-judgemental individuals from every background and creed, who get together to practice flow-arts, and trick share.

Holiday Bazaar and Party this Saturday




We are having a Holiday Bazaar and Party at the Egg to celebrate the seasons, the Solstice, the joy of change, and any holiday you might like to celebrate, to sing and chat – with one another! 


Chinese with keyholeview

Come for the conviviality, the mulled tea and popcorn, the crafts and books for sale. 




Please do come to spend some time with us, at the Dragon’s Egg.




December 8th, Saturday, from 1 – 4


    xox marya

Amy Oesterreicher in residence Dec. 17-23


PASSAGEWAYS: Songs of Connections, Abnormal and Sublime 

An original song cycle with text and artwork projections, all created by the performer. Music, humor and art, interwoven with autobiographical narrative, as the creativity of the artist becomes an unexpected passageway through profound crisis.  On passageways, there’s no way in, no way out, only through. So why not laugh, dance and paint our way towards the light?

Title: Passageways

This performance involves oral histories conducted and transcribed with actual transplant surgeons, patients, caregivers, and those affected by intestinal fistulas, combined with Tectonic Theater-inspired momentwork.  It also involves mixed media artwork, prose, poetry, and original music, all created by Amy.



DescripAmy2tion: Passageways is a multidisciplinary musical based on a “fistula” – an abnormal communication between organs that evolves from a surgery or sudden interference. The musical explores the physical and emotional repairs accompanying the path to recovery from a decade of the playwright’s autobiographical trauma, including sexual abuse by a trusted mentor, rapidly succeeded by a gastrectomy, coma, organ failure, six years unable to eat or drink, 28 reconstructive surgeries and the long-winded journey of PTSD that follows. This mixed media narrative explores trauma through the archetypal hero’s journey, incorporating live-painting, movement, and original music while illustrated by mixed-media art, and visual media. The story follows the exploration of a woman redefining “home” after trauma. She recreates herself through the discovery of the arts and is able to reclaim her voice and rejoin her community.  We start in the present, Amy having just been discharged from a final surgery which has created a medical “fistula” – an abnormal “communication” between two organs.   This most recent medical intervention which has promised to finally reconstruct her digestive organs, has instead, created a further setback.  As Amy starts a single sketch of a tree, she is overcome with a past that is too overwhelming for words.  Creativity provides a safe container to explore a past world which she once felt part of – a world of pleasure, pain, nature, trust, and betrayal. What tunnels of discovery will this “abnormal passageway” lead Amy through? Passageways is a literally “work in progress” continuously created for the audience with a paintbrush, music and projections.




Our story begins with Amy alone on stage surrounded by artwork and supplies from the hospital. Afraid of the outside world and surrounded by voices of doubt, she is thrust from a place she has come to call home for the past few months and thrust back into a world that feels unfamiliar and much scarier than before. In seclusion, Amy retreats into the world of her imagination and uses her art as a way to communicate with the outside world. Determined to share her work with the community, Amy challenges her fears and mounts an art show. She is able to not only cope, but thrive as she puts the events of her life on display for her community.

Passageways utilizes music, spoken word, performance and projection. Everything in Amy’s isolated world is utilitarian and transformative. Creativity provides a safe container for her to explore her emotions and start to form ways for her to deal with the traumas of the past.

 Her world is ever-changing and its form is constantly shifting through the use of projection, art, and 12 original songs. Amy will be painting live on stage and we will be using painting not only in a practical sense but also deeply rooted in metaphor. This constant transformation of adversity to creativity will be present throughout all elements of the performance, from the musical score to her shifts in creating.

Disciplines: Performance, Music, Movement, Theatre, Live Artmaking, Oral Histories, Devised Theatre


Amy Oestreicher (playwright) is an Audie award-nominated playwright, performer, and multidisciplinary creator. A singer, librettist, and visual mixed media artist, she dedicates[JC1]  her work to celebrating everyday miracles, untold stories, and the detours in life that can spark connection and transform communities. As a PTSD specialist, artist, author, writer for The Huffington Post, speaker for TEDx and RAINN, and health advocate, Amy has headlined international conferences on leadership, mental health, disability, creativity, and domestic violence prevention. She is a SheSource Expert, a “Top Mental Health” writer for Medium, and a regular lifestyle, wellness, and arts contributor for over 70 online and print publications. Her story has appeared on NBC’s Today, CBS, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen Magazine, The Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, and MSNBC, among others. Amy has written, directed, and starred in her autobiographical musical, Gutless & Grateful, which has toured over 200 venues from 54 Below to Barrington Stage Company since its 2012 NYC debut. Gutless & Grateful has won seven national awards (including The Singular Award for an innovative original performance), is listed as part of the National Initiative for Arts and Health in the Military, and is currently being licensed to students across the country for academic projects and competitions. Her plays have been published by Eddy Theatre Company, PerformerStuff, Narcissists Anthology, New World Theatre’s “Solitary Voice: A Collection of Epic Monologues,” and were finalists in Manhattan Repertory’s Short Play Festival, NYNW Theatre Fest, #MeTooTheatreWomen, “Women in the Age of Trump,” and Tennessee Williams’s New Orleans Literary Festival. Amy has delivered three TEDx talks on theatre’s ability to transform trauma, and trained with Primary Stages, Fiasco Theatre, and Tectonic Theatre Project in their Moment Work Institute’s Teacher Training Program. She was recently selected to work with Moises Kaufman on the full-length drama Leftovers, exploring the impact of trauma on communities and the gifts that can be reaped. Her play Factory Treasure is the one-act winner of Central PA Theatre & Dance Fest. Her play Fibers, compiled of oral histories transcribed from three generations of survivors, premiered at Museum of Jewish Heritage this year. Her short play, We Re-Member, inspired by her grandparents’ sewing corporation and legacy as Holocaust survivors, has been featured in immigration and cultural festivals in six states. Her original songs are published with PerformerStuff and have been featured in Singer/Songwriter Showcases in New York (including the Duplex, and 54 Below), Colorado, and Massachusetts. Amy participated as a playwright and performance artist in the National Musical Theatre Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, where she helped develop the multimedia ensemble piece Born of Myth (2016), and was a writer, actress, composer, and set designer for Playwrights and Librettists, a festival of 27 thirty-minute plays in five days. Her full-length drama Imprints, exploring the physical and psychological impact of trauma, premiered at the Producer’s Club in 2016, and is currently in development for a full New York production as Flicker and a Firestarter with Playlight Theatre Company.  “Resilience and the Power of the Human Spirit,” Amy’s collaboration with Beechwood Arts on the immersion salon, has toured the world as a public installation, incorporating her monologues, art, writing, and recipes to express the life-altering detours and invaluable gifts of her resilient journey. As an active member of the League of Professional Theatre Women, League for Advancement of New England Storytellers, Dramatists Guild, Fairfield County Cultural Alliance, International Center for Women Playwrights, International Women’s Art Salon, Theatre Artist Workshop, and several art guilds throughout Connecticut and New York, Amy is an Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor Professionals Scholar, and the first annual SHERocks Herstory National Performing Artist Honoree. 

TAPA Dance Company at the Egg

TAPA Dance Company SHE 3
SHE // FEMME // THEM – TAPA Dance Company

Last weekend, TAPA’s Dance Company continued their residency to rehearse and devise their upcoming performance, “SHE // FEMME // THEM” – a devised multimedia dance concert which explores feminine energy, feminism, and the experience of woman/femme-identified people in society. It is such an honor to witness young men and women dancing together, finding strength in vulnerability, and using their strength to lift each other up. 

TAPA Dance Company SHE 1
The TAPA Dance Company’s upcoming dance concert “SHE // FEMME // THEM” is an investigation of the feminine in all of us. We come from women. Each of us carries her Chromosome. So, to allow systems and ideologies that perpetuate sexist relationships and images of the self, is an offense to all of humanity. We must make art about it.

TAPA Dance Company SHE 2

Some souls
Feel like they were meant to be together
To dance together
There is trust
To carry each other’s weight
To let them lift you up
We notice the ways we were socialized to hold back
To doubt ourselves
To be afraid of letting go
To lead someone else
To hold power
We notice the gifts that our ancestors passed down to us in our blood
To be strong
To survive
To protect
To be joyful
To be present
To be sensitive
Who did they want us to be?
How do we want to be remembered, if at all?
What do we want to preserve in our bloodline?
TAPA Dance Company SHE 4

– Matt Garza, Creative Director – TAPA Dance Company

TAPA Dance Company SHE 5



TAPA at the Egg in November

Tapa Nov 18d

TAPA Dance Company: Senior Ensemble

Goodbyes are so much harder when you know you have been living in a dream. The TAPA Dance Company just took our Senior Ensemble for a two day residency at The Dragon’s Egg for a series of peer-facilitated workshops on yoga/meditation, conceptual performance art, authentic movement, (contact) improvisation, self care, artistic process, and anti-oppression community building. It is a privilege and honor to guide and be guided by this ensemble of young artists – their (com)passion, honesty, determination, and courage is overflowing in their work and I truly don’t know how I will be able to say goodbye this coming June. Being on retreat inspires new ways of thinking, creating, relating, questioning, and existing.

Tapa Nov 18b
What if schools felt less like factories to maximize (/create an illusion of) efficiency and more like retreat centers aimed to be inclusive, thoughtful, and healing? How can we create space in our economy for the ideals of our classrooms to exist for our students after we send them out into the world?

Tapa Nov 18a
Sitting in the present
The future does not exist
Leaning on our community is not always easy
Trusting ourselves is not always easy
But when we let go of our weight
When we trust the universe
When we step back to listen
When we share our secret language
We move out of our defensiveness
Healing is full of stains 
Tension feels inevitable 
Love is the answer 
The youth know
Listen to them
Trust them 
Trust each other
Love without conditions
Allow the wind to move you
Let go of your weight

– Matt Garza, Creative Director – TAPA Dance Company