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Greyzone in Residence!

Greyzone in Residence at the Egg from August 29 through September 2.   

Lindy and Justin Fines are the founders and directors of GREYZONE, a New York City-based multimedia-dance company that has been presenting works for stage throughout NY and dance films nationally and internationally since 2011. GREYZONE melds Lindy’s choreography and artistic direction with Justin’s creative direction, yielding synergistic productions that investigate the collaborative potential of rigorous “neoformal” dance, sound design, time-based media, and visual arts. 
Lindy and Justin will be working on their current performance project BLOOM, a new trio with live sound. BLOOM will premiere in part at the Dance Gallery Festival at Ailey Citigroup Theater in November. Using the conceptual framework of ‘dance training,’ BLOOM explores how we receive and pass on collective histories, even as we unconsciously filter and transform those histories through our personal experiences. This work centers on embodied change over time, and will reference Lindy’s own choreographic archive, ballet and modern dance vocabularies, and the training and identities of the dancers. BLOOM seeks to unearth and cultivate the unanticipated intimacies that arise through the creation of a dance for three.  
During their time at the Dragon’s Egg, Lindy will be continuing research and development of movement material for the dance and Justin will be developing the sound score. 
GetPart 1
Film stills from GREYZONE short “Penumbra”. Director of Photography: Anibal Hernandez, Clothing/Styling: House of 950. 

Marya’s Fall Yoga Schedule

GG and Connecticut College

Gomukh The schedule will also be posted on our website:  www.dragonseggstudio.org
Pre registration for the session is requested.

Dragon’s Egg
401 Shewville Rd., Ledyard, Ct.  (exit 89, or 90 from I 95)

Monday evenings at 5 pm (4:45 optional meditation)
session: 8/27 = 12/17 (no class 9/10,  nor another tba) =15 classes.  Fee:  $160.  Single class:  $14

Wednesdays early! 7 am pre work one hour class, @$12, single class pay.  8/29 on..with tba days off

Saturdays tba: at 7:45 am, and  at 11:15 am., rarely – tba:  @$13

Student classes at CC on Tues-Thurs. 9 am begin 8/28, and at NTI on T, Th, F, begin 9/11
Please feel free to arrange with me to come early or to stay late to speak of yogic concerns:  I am at your service.  

I hope your days are full of joy and ease, peace and well being!  namaste,  Marya

Marya Ursin  (860 444 7247; dragonseggstudio@gmail.com; mybeasts@aol.com,  8 Hancox Street, Stonington, Ct. 06378

Various showings and events, tba, Look for announcements on email, the website www.dragonseggstudio.org, and FaceBook!
Tellabration at the Egg:   November 11,  Sunday, at 4 pm 
Holiday Egg- Sale/Auction/Poetry Reading: : 12/1 or 8 tba: 1-4 pm; poetry at 3 pm
New Year’s Eve:  12/31 from 6 – midnight:  open meditation, walking  meditation, sitting meditation, at the Dragon’s Egg, tba. 
Hygienic Egg!  Performances  in early March on a Sunday at 12 pm at the Hygienic Galleries in New London   

Hopkin-Beckman Residency at the Egg


Charlotte Hopkins and Jason Beckmann will be in residence at the Dragon’s Egg workshopping a new devised production of Chekhov’s ‘Seagull.’ They will be leading a collection of actor-musicians to accelerate this project to its next stage.


This workshop will explore unique musical stylings to represent the generational differences between characters as they attempt to fulfil their artistic ambitions or achieve some idea of fame. Heavily inspired by Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and its exploration of disillusionment, the performers will utilize elements of circus to revisit iconic characters.


Steven Meeker/Sarah Flaim and Co at the Egg!

 Yay!   Upcoming – at the Dragon’s Egg, from August 2-5, and 16-19.
Steven meeker
SMJ (Steven Meeker Jr.) – Book & Lyrics / Sarah Flaim – Music / Allison Acuff – Director
The creative team of At the Barre will be coming to the Dragon’s Egg for eight days to develop brand-new songs, overhaul the book, and develop movement vocabulary for the show with a goal towards staging a concert reading in NYC this coming fall. 
At the Barre is a musical in two acts that combines musical theater with indie pop as well as mime, ballet, stage combat, clown, and contemporary dance. Catherine, a talented principal dancer at ABT with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and Shawn, a non-binary, overweight mime with self-esteem issues, are thrust into each other’s lives after an insane audition. Navigating the format of a Golden Age love story, At the Barre focuses on how one finds their beauty, finds peace within themselves, and finds a genuine connection in a cluttered and overly talkative world.
IMG 2611  Steven Meeker Jr
SMJ is a graduate of Otterbein University with a BFA in Acting and Minor in Dance.
Sarah Flaim is a graduate of the University of the Arts with a BFA in Musical Theatre.
Allison Acuff is a graduate of Asbury University with a BA in Theatre/Cinema Performance and BA in English.
All are alums of the National Theater Institute.

African Dance at the Egg – Dance Sampler

Come dance to the beat of the drum at the Dragon’s Egg next Wednesday!
African dance ashley jones

Aug 1:    African Dance with Ashley, and with drummer: Matthew

West African Dance with Ashley Jones:
Come experience the energy of traditional dance and percussion from the country of Guinea, West Africa. Ashley will guide you through a full body warm up, across the floor exercises and break down of a traditional dance.
Classes are accompanied by live percussion with Matthew Dean. Ashley will share the names, regions, tribes and meaning of the dances she teaches. Get ready to let loose and have some fun, while getting a great workout!
Please come wearing comfortable clothing. All ages and levels welcome.
The Dragon’s Egg is at 401 Shewville Road.

This is the eighth class of the
Summer Dance Sampler at the Dragon’s Egg: 
Wednesdays at 5:30 – 6:30 (unless otherwise noted)   June 6 – August 8;  @$15

Each class is a separate registration, and pre registration is required so that we can see if the class is a “go” or not.  If there is not sufficient pre reg, I let anyone know who has pre registered, and also post it on the calendar as cancelled the day before the relevant class – so check the calendar if you have not signed in and had hoped to come to a class!   
You may also be in touch with me at mybeasts@aol.com.

Payment by cheque for each class, noted for the particular class, can be sent to Mystic Paper Beasts, 8 Hancox, Stonington, 06378.

Contact the instructor directly with questions about the class itself.

Acro Yoga at the Egg on July 18

Acro Yoga combines breath, movement and play!
Expand your yoga practice!
Increase your strength, stamina and confidence!
  • Hone body awareness
  • Strengthen the core
  • Improve your balance
Learn to go upside down with inversions like handstands and headstands.
Fly your partner and be flown with Acro Yoga!
A safe, community atmosphere all ages from newbie to seasoned yogi. No partners needed.

mollyheartyoga@gmail.com or call 860-961-8627
$15 per person
Wednesday July 18
5:30-7:30 PM


Molly Murkett Bruno is a yoga teacher passionate about incorporating recreation and relaxation into a healthy lifestyle. She integrates positive intention into yoga classes for empowerment both on and off the mat. She teaches restorative, gentle, vinyasa, and acro yoga at studios and locations in Southeastern CT.

The Dragon’s Egg
401 Shewville Rd, Ledyard CT

Austin Alexis, poet, in Residence in August

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This is what Austin says about his upcoming residency: 

     At Dragon’s Egg, I [Austin Alexis] plan to work on writing a full-length play. I already have thirty-four pages of a first draft, and plan to make substantial progress on the script while I’m in residence. The play is non-realistic in its presentation, but is loosely based on real-life news events that happened in the 1990s. I also plan to rewrite some linked short stories I’ve been working on. The setting of some of the stories is Upstate New York (such as Woodstock), so rural Connecticut should be stim51D5XQXVKQL UY250ulating for me and will feed into this project.


Austin Alexis is the author of Privacy Issues, winner of the 20th Annual Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award, and also two chapbooks, both published by Poets Wear Prada: Lovers and Drag Queens (2007) and For Lincoln and Other Poems (2010). His fiction, poetry, essays and reviews have appeared in a variety of journals, including Kansas Quarterly, Connecticut River Review, Barrow Street , The Journal, The Pedestal Magazine, The Big Spoon (Ireland), Red River Review, Candelabrum Poetry Magazine (Britain), The Arts Cure, Tuesday Shorts, Poetry Now, Lips, Danse Macabre and others. His works have appeared in a number of anthologies, such as Chopin with Cherries, Off the Cuffs (Soft Skull Press), Vwa, Dinner with the Muse, And We the Creatures, Empty Shoes:Poems on the Hungry and the Homeless (Popcorn Press) and Bowl of Stories (Oregon Council of Teachers Prize Publication). Some of his theatre, film and dance reviews have been translated into Japanese. One of his plays was selected for the Samuel French Short Plays Festival. He has received a Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference Scholarship, a Millay Colony for the Arts Residency, an Allen Ginsberg Award Honorable Mention and a prize connected with the Poets for Forests Competition. He has taught at Hunter College, Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus), Empire State College and in an NEA-funded literature program for the Jamaica Queens Center for Arts and Learning. He reads his work at many venues, including Cornelia Street Cafe, The Bowery Poetry Club, The Back Fence, Space on White, Internet and conventional radio, and cable television. Some of his fiction and poems have been used as texts for modern dance performances. He lives in Manhattan and continues to write fiction, poetry and reviews.      

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Colleen Hughes at the Egg


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You Sound Like a Girl
Starting in infanthood, women’s voices are constantly critiqued, conditioned, and policed: shrill, harsh, babyish, sexy, sing-songy, girly, loud, quiet, etc. No wonder so many women are silenced, since every time they open their mouths they are subject to scrutiny. And, what does it even mean to sound “like a girl?” You Sound Like a Girl is a performance and companion voice workshop that seeks to both answer and dismantle this question.

Since August, 2017, we have been conducting workshops about the cultural, physical, and emotional baggage surrounding the way women sound.The stories and themes that emerge from these workshops will be turned into the multimedia storytelling performance of You Sound Like a Girl, which will be paired with a future iteration of the voice workshop. The performance of You Sound Like a Girl will bring necessary conversations to light, while the workshop will help attendees access the freedom to use their own voices.

After almost a year of workshops with women ages 11-88, we are now working on developing the performance aspect of You Sound Like a Girl! We’ll be spending 4 days at the Dragon’s Egg in Mystic, CT this July and then the month of August back in NYC developing the performance, and then presenting it to the public at the end of the summer.

Beasts as Pollinators!

Pequotsepos Nature center had a wonderful evening fundraiser, celebrating Pollinators! on the evening of the Summer Solstice.
M Pequotsepos

The Mystic Paper Beasts had a wonderful time romping and flitting and fluttering mongst the guests and festivities.   Performers were Dan Potter, Shannon, Marya Ursin, Jeannie Williams.
Thank you to the nature center.
Do visit them.  They have many wonderful and educational/fun activities for all ages. 
Blessings on this gorgeous Day!
xo namaste, Marya

Intro to Belly Dance! July 16


Wednesday, July 11 5:30pm-7pm


Bellydance with Erzulie erzuliedancer@gmail.com



This is the fifth class of the 

Summer Dance Sampler at the Dragon’s Egg:  

Wednesdays at 5:30 – 6:30 (unless otherwise noted, as in this case)   June 6 – August 8;  @$15


Each class is a separate registration, and pre registration is required so that we can see if the class is a “go” or not.  If there is not sufficient pre reg, I let anyone know who has pre registered, and also post it on the calendar as cancelled the day before the relevant class – so check the calendar if you have not signed in and had hoped to come to a class!    

You may also be in touch with me at mybeasts@aol.com.


Payment by cheque for each class, noted for the particular class, can be sent to Mystic Paper Beasts, 8 Hancox, Stonington, 06378.


Contact the instructor directly with questions about the class itself.


Please pre register with me at mybeasts@aol.com, and be in touch with Erzulie with any questions!  RSVP in order for us to know if the class is a “go”!   @ $15 to the Mystic Paper Beasts, or cash on the evening is fine, too.   But let me know!!  xo m


Belly Dance with Erzulie


Middle eastern dance or as it’s popularly known—belly dance—is a fun way to get in shape, bond with fellow dancers, learn about new music and culture and have fun!


Erzulie is a celebrated Boston performer and has a decade of teaching experience so let her introduce you to the magical arts of belly dance. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes, bare feet or dance shoes and be ready to shimmy