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Holiday Bazaar!!


Holiday Bazaar at the Egg!

Please hold the date, and join us!

December 6th, Sunday, at the Dragon’s Egg, from 2 – 5 pm.
This is an informal and delightful event at the egg, offering all manner of Things and Experience, Poetry, and, of course, great company!

I am still seeking more vendors.  There is simply a $10 fee for a vendor – whatever you make, you make!

Holiday Sale – seeking vendors of crafts, foods, soaps, books, decorations, jewelry
Holiday Poetry Reading – will be at 4 pm on the day of the sale, so, seeking poets of word, body, voice
I look forward to hearing from you.

namaste, marya


Marya at Worcester Art Museum!

Marya will be doing her Solo performance version of SkyTails, using dance and mask, text and puppet, scroll story and song, to tell a series of Native American stories at the Worcester Art Museum,
this Saturday, November 14th, at 11 am, at the

Worcester Art Museum

55 Salisbury St, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609

I hope to see you there!
xxo namaste, marya

Marya goat i tutu 1 2014 copy

Tellabration at the Egg!

This Sunday – at the Dragon’s Egg!

The Connecticut Storytelling Center is hosting storytelling all over the state this month,
and on
Sunday, November 15, at 4 pm,
we shall host one of the events in this celebration of storytelling – 
at the Dragon’s Egg! 
at 401 Shewville Road, Ledyard, Ct. 

Tellers will include Sara deBeer, Jeanne Donato, Carl Peruzzotti, and Marya Ursin

This will be suitable for all ages, and should run for a bit under an hour, so be on time!
By donation..


Do come!!   I hope to see you there!
xox marya

Marya is doing a solo performance in mask and dance, at the Worcester Art Museum, in Massachusetts on Nov. 14, at 11 am.  

The Passion Play of Don Quixote

Yes, it was amazing, this assemblage of reflections on Don Quixote.  One performer, Ara Fitzgerald, characterized the event “a passion play for Don Quixote”.  Here is the programme, for your interest, and a few photos.  xox

Quixotic Dream: the Don Quixote Project


November 7th, 2015, the Twelfth Narrative Event at the Egg

assembled yearly by Marya Ursin, 

with a changing ensemble of artists of great talent, boisterous originality, 

and endless generosity.  Thank you to Dan Potter for his support, inventive masks, and love.


Please support the Dragon’s Egg and its work for artists and for the community by donating generously today, and then by becoming members of the Mystic Paper Beasts for the year: contact Marya at mybeasts@aol.com ; dragonseggstudio.org


Pre show rovers include members of the cast, reflecting on Don Quixote’s, and our, inclination to see as reality our various dreams/nightmares!  with all that thus transpires.  May you be heroic, and kind, if misguided, as was he!



Beyond the Windmills:  conceived and performed by Jeannie Ruskin


Beastie Bit: Dulcinea, as seen by Don Q, with Dan, Charlie, Lissa, Doug, conceived by Marya


Windmills!   (Don Quixote battles the Windmills!  and loses)

ECT Hoop Tribe:  Serena Judge, Amanda Kulos, Judiann Jones, and Anna May Thompson

Beastie Bit: Don Q: Dan Potter; Sancho P: Charlie Fitzsimmons; conceived by Marya


 “Quixotic Impressions by  Gines de Pasamonte.”   performed by Carl Peruzzotti


“The Horse that Used to be Ordinary”: Amy Larimer, creator and performer


Beastie Bit: Two flocks of sheep do battle, and lose.  conceived by Marya, with Lissa van Dyke, Doug Moffat, Dan Potter, Charlie Fitzsimmons, others


‘Donna Quixote’   created and performed by Ara Fitzgerald


Beastie Bit: The helmet of Mambrino:  with  Don Q – Dan; Sancho P – Charlie; Hapless Barber – Carl P;  rain: marya

conceived by Marya


Cervantes (from Man of LaMancha) speaks on…”Seeing life as it is.”      Performed by Nicky Checker


Beastie Bit: Prisoners escape!  with consequence.. conceived by Marya, with Lissa van Dyke, Doug Moffat, Dan Potter, Charlie Fitzsimmons, others


“Sanity Interlude”   Choreographed and Performed by Cristin Cawley

Composer:  Paganini


Monologue: Jason Rabin


“The Ghost of Rocinante”  created and performed by Clare Byrne

music by Michael Roberts


Reprise: Hoopers;  and/ or Beyond the Windmills: Jeannie Ruskin


Beastie Bits:


Dulcinea?  Is she the lovely lady, exalted in Don Quixote’s dreams? 

Or is she the peasant maid who scrubs laundry, and has dirt on her face? 

Does it matter?



Windmills?  or Giants?  Sancho says windmills, but Don Q avers they are many armed giants with whom he must do battle!   the heroism of Don Q again goes awry!



Opposing armies!   Which to join?  Battle!  Heroism!  Casualties!   

Sancho says no!    they are flocks of sheep?  What??

and there are now – seven dead sheep?  



Mambrino is a fictional Moorish king with a magical helmet.  In this scene, a Barber claps his shaving bowl atop his head when it begins to rain.  Alas, Don Q is convinced this is the missing magical helmet of Mambrino, and have it he must!



Cervantes had little use for the Holy Brotherhood, the enforcers for the Inquisition.  In this scene,The Brotherhood has enchained a group of thieves.  Don Q determines to rescue and release them, but they respond not with gratitude but with jeering stones. 

Clare arabesque

Quixote Dreams of Rosinante

Saturday!  November 7th at 4 pm – a one time only event!  Come to the Quixotic Dream, riffs on the novel by Cervantes: Don Quixote.  Suitable for all ages.  xo m


Quixote Project!

Come find us at the Dragon’s Egg this Saturday 
November 7
at 4 p.m.
celebrating Cervante’s great work
with dance and costumes
playlets and skits
for all ages
Please join us for the 12th annual Narrative Project at the Dragon’s Egg!

Each year, I send out a prompt to actors and dancers, puppeteers and singers, local artists and distant who have been in residence at the Egg.  The prompt is a piece of literature, and the task is to come up with a five minute riff on some portion of the text.  The riff can be dance or theatre, monologue, song, etc.  
Then I arrange these into an “assemblage” performance.

All the performers come together on the day of the show.  Everyone has rehearsed his or her own bit, and we have also added various linking bits using beastie costumes.  
Some arrive earlier, but basically, we put the pieces together, do a walk through, and then a run, and then, and then:  show what we have!

This is a one time only event, and is amazing.  

Do come be audience for it.  This year’s event is based on Don Quixote, and will take place on 
Saturday, November 7th, at 4 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg.
Suitable for all ages.  All donations happily accepted, and will help to support the creative work of the Egg.

See you soon!
namaste, marya

DanKnight Arthur

Quixotic Dreams!!

The Quixotic Project will be at the Dragon’s Egg

on November 7th (Saturday) at 4 pm =

a one time only event, suitable for all ages. 
This is a series of riffs and reflections on Don Quixote, and will include local and distant dancers, actors, monologuists, puppeteers, hoopers.  
Please join us!  Donations encouraged.
See Don Q take on hooping windmills and meet Rosinante in a dream! 
Come come and dream…

Parachute gala

Triskelion Achieved!!

The concert at Triskelion went wonderfully!  Performers were widely varied and easy to work with, the staff and designers at Trisk were, as ever, stellar, and the new space is great!  These images are backstage… xo marya

TriskCain AbelTriskhatl

Somatic Awareness Workshop

Somatic Awareness Workshop

Saturday, October 3, 2015

10:00 am – 2:00 pm


Join Noreen Owens, M.Ed., Certified Hanna Somatic Educator, and Author of Where Comfort Hides, to relax chronic muscle tension through the profound mind-body movement work of Dr. Thomas Hanna.


In working with clients who had chronic stiffness and pain, Dr. Hanna observed three unique reflex patterns that become habituated over time and cause a loss of awareness and control that feels and looks like aging.  The three patterns are: 






Experience a simple, non-stretching approach (aka pandiculation) for relaxing each of these patterns.   These movements are beneficial for all fitness levels, from the bedridden to Olympic athletes, making this knowledge essential for bodyworkers, physical therapists, trainers, yoga instructors, and doctors; anyone in the fitness, aging, or pain relief field. 


An empowering daily routine for maintaining spine, joint, and breathing health; managing pain; reducing stress and anxiety; and restoring balance, comfort, posture, stamina, and agility.


To Register: Call Noreen Owens at (603)772-3307 or e-mail noreen@owensomatics.com


Fee:  $125.00  (includes a CD) 

Drop-ins space permitting, but pre-registration recommended. 


Hanna trained his first group of practitioners in 1990, and perished in a car accident the night before the last day of training.  With approximately 250 trained Hanna Somatic Educators around the world today, this is a unique opportunity to self-empower yourself and others with this simple approach to restoring comfort and movement at any age. 


  Contact Noreen Owens directly at (603)772-3307 or (603)770-0958 or e-mail noreen@owensomatics.com to register today.  For more info visit www.owensomatics.com