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Vinyl Release! Clare Byrne

Hello Friends! 

Clare Byrne Celestials piano photo by Gus Ziesing
The vinyl (& final) release party for my album Celestials is coming up in a month, at Best Video Film & Cultural Center, just north of New Haven, CT where I now live. Best Video is a very cool unusual venue –  a cultural resource/archive for video rentals – and for wonderfully diverse music and art events. Hope you can come check out the music and the spot.

Vinyl Release Party
Saturday June 15, 2019
1842 Whitney Ave. Hamden, CT 06517
(203) 287-9286
Tickets: $5-10 Sliding Scale

CT Celestials Facebook Event Page:

There will be a lotta great live music, with the amazing musicians who played on the album –  Amy Larimer, Ted Looby, Nicholas Leichter, Dan Strauss performing Celestials’ songs with me – along with other TBA musicians. AND very special guests Phil Rosenthal and the Elm City Ramblers (which I’m so happy to be a part of!) will be contributing some wonderful bluegrass to the evening.

And yes dust off those turntables! You will be able to buy the double vinyl album on site, with jacket and sleeve design by VT artist Alec Julien and photos by NYC photographer Hiroyuki Ito. It includes full lyrics. The album was mastered for vinyl by Wes Garland at Nashville Record Productions. You also get a digital download. It’s a beautiful whole package. 

If you haven’t checked out the album online, please do!

Clare Byrne Celestials album cover design by Alec Julien photo by Hiroyuki Ito
I have more info below  – don’t hesitate to write back, ask questions, or just say hello – and hope to see you at Best Video Film & Cultural Center.

all my best,

Celestials is available for listening and purchase digitally at:




Clare Byrne’s latest song cycle wields folk rock, rhythm & blues and gospel in a acoustic/electric mixes, with incisive, introspective lyrics. Celestials has assembled a diverse and multi-talented group of Burlington, Brooklyn and Connecticut musicians for album release events in three states. 


The album spans five years of songwriting and a year of recording – a year of record change and loss for Byrne, and the decision to leave Burlington, VT for New Haven, CT. The twin albums Sister and Brother cross areas of relationship, gender, race, and geography from Vermont to Italy, to intimate landscapes of the heart. It contains fourteen original songs by Byrne, a song written for Byrne by Brooklyn songwriter Rodrigo Alonzo, and the traditional “The Water is Wide.”  Celestials gives voice to Byrne’s friendships and collaborations with musicians, dancers, and visual artists. It also includes the lament/protest “EG Blues” documenting the case of Eric Garner, a black Staten Island man killed in 2014 by a white Staten Island police officer.


Thirteen musicians contributed to the making of the album. Grounding the project is Byrne’s collaboration with Burlington-based multi-guitarist Ted Looby; essential contributions are by Rodrigo Alonzo on vocals (NYC), Paul Besaw on vocals (VT), Selene Colburn on vocals (VT), Jom Hammack on mandolin and vocals (VT), Colin Henkel on congas, cajon, and drums (VT), Danielle Hill on cello (VT), Patricia Julien on flute (VT), Chong Ho Kim on vocals (VT), Amy Larimer on vocals (NYC), Nicholas Leichter on vocals and piano (NYC), Dan Strauss on guitar, synthesizer, and vocals (NYC), and Gus Ziesing on saxophone and drums. (VT).


The album was recorded, mixed, and digitally mastered by Gus Ziesing at Low Tech Studios at One Main Street in Burlington, VT. 


The vinyl album, pressed at Burlington Record Plant, VT (http://burlingtonrecordplant.com), with jacket photographs by New York Times music photographer Hiroyuki Ito (https://www.hiroitophoto.com), design by Burlington, VT graphic and font designer Alec Julien (https://www.alecjulien.com), and mastering for vinyl by Wes Garland in Nashville, TN, will be available for pre-purchase at the Burlington release party, and in hand at the New Haven CT release event. The vinyl album includes a digital download card. 



Byrne is a dancer-and-choreographer-turned-musician who has performed and taught in New York City and environs, Burlington, and around the world. She began songwriting through guitar, harmonica and piano in 2011; her EP Seed (https://soundcloud.com/clarebyrne-1) was released in Vermont in 2017, after which she toured Ireland with Ink the Octopus (Dan Strauss and Remy de Laroque). 


Nadine Project in June Residency

Join us Saturday June 29th at 4pm for a first look at our newest works in progress!


The NADINE Project (New Artists Dance in New England) was created to encourage professional choreographers and support their work in a congenial environment. This ‘playground’ residency for making dances is under the mentorship of its founders, Libby Nye and Janet Mansfield Soares. Works created at NADINE Residencies are performed at venues and festivals in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and beyond.  

Summer Dance at the Egg



Marya ursin in  dragon s egg extension photo by Dan Potter 7 11


Summer 2019 Dance Sampler at the Dragon’s Egg:  


Wednesdays at 5:30 – 6:30 (unless otherwise noted)   June 5 – July 24; 

each class @$15


Each class is a separate registration, and pre registration is required so that we can see if the class is a “go” or not. 

If there is not sufficient pre reg, I let anyone know who has pre registered, and also post it on the calendar as cancelled the day before the relevant class – so check the calendar if you have not signed in and had hoped to come to a class!    You may also be in touch with me at mybeasts@aol.com.

Payment by cheque for each class, noted for the particular class, can be sent to Mystic Paper Beasts, 8 Hancox, Stonington, 06378.   Cash or cheque at the door.


Contact the instructor directly with questions about the class itself.



Cc postcard 09  10

June 5:  5:30 – 6:30  Hooping!  Serena picked up a plastic circle 5 years ago.  Shestarted learning to dance with it, and it changed her life.  The practice of flowingwith the music is liberating.  Come experience going with the flow for yourself. No previous experience necessary.  Hoops provided.

June 12  tba

June 19:  5:30 – 6:30  Mandala Yoga class, with Marya; mybeasts@aol.com

June 26: 5:30 – 6:30;  $5.  Kundalini Moving Meditation, with Marya; mybeasts@aol.com

July 3: 5:30 – 6:30 – Hip Hop with Amy Zezulka, clean indoor sneakers please.  All agesand levels of experience.  

July 10:  5:30 – 7  Priscilla Humphrey – Restorative Yoga; props required: yoga mat, 2            LARGE FIRM pillows, 2 LARGE blankets    priscillayoga@aol.com

July 17: 5:30 – 6:30   Tai Chi cancelled

July 24:  5:30 – 6:45   L’Ana Burton  Movement Class For All        Ages 10-100

bfdancercdc@aol.com, lanahburton@gmail.com


MaryaNTI 11 rodner

Marya Ursin  (860 444 7247; mybeasts@aol.com, dragonseggstudio@gmail.com; 

8 Hancox Street, Stonington, Ct. 06378


Summer Classes at the Egg




The schedule will also be posted on our website:  www.dragonseggstudio.org

Pre registration for the session is requested, and will determine whether or not the class is a “go”. 


Dragon’s Egg

401 Shewville Rd., Ledyard, Ct.  (exit 89, or 90 from I 95)


Monday evenings at 5 pm (4:45 optional meditation) 

session: 5/20- 7/29 (no class one day tba) =10 classes.  Fee:  $110.  Single class:  $14 


Wednesdays early!  7 am pre work one hour class, 6/26- 7/24 @$12,  single class pay.


June 3, 4, 5, 6 – 7:15 – 8:15 am chakra yoga classes with Marya.   Pre register for the all four: $45.  


Saturdays and other pick up classes tba   @$13


Summer Dance Sampler (see below):  Wednesdays at 5:30 – 6:30 (check for time variations)   June 5 – July 24  


Narrative Project, based on the Odyssey, by Homer, will be on Saturday, 6/22, at 4 pm, at the Egg.  Come!!! A one time only performance involving performers local and exotic, suitable for all ages, by donation.  


Student classes  on Tues-Thurs. at TM/NTI on T, Th,  begin 6/19 at the O’Neill Theatre Ctr


Please feel free to arrange with me to come early or to stay late to speak of yogic concerns:  I am at your service.   


I hope your days are full of joy and ease, peace and well being!  namaste,  Marya


Marya Ursin  (860 444 7247; mybeasts@aol.com, dragonseggstudio@gmail.com; 

8 Hancox Street, Stonington, Ct. 06378



  Danielle’s happy baby!

Danielle Happy Baby

The Circus is Coming!


Coated presented by Open Ring Circus: work in progress showing

Thursday May 2nd, 8pm

Dragon’s Egg Studio

Open Ring Circus is currently in residency at the Dragon’s Egg Studio and will be presenting the first draft of their new show on Thursday May 2nd at 8pm in the Dragon’s Egg Studio. Everyone is welcome and feedback is encouraged. The Hartford Circus Fire project is a commemorative exploration of the 1944 circus fire. Our work delves into its historical impact and its relationship to our modern experience of tragic events. Through the lens of contemporary circus, we endeavor to honor the contributions and significance of the traditional traveling circus in American culture. We will juxtapose live circus-theatre performance, video projection, and audio collage to weave a multimedia story that memorializes the past and prompts discussion of the future. Our show will explore the moments leading up to the fire, the fire itself, the community response in the aftermath, and the ripple effect of the event’s historical legacy. This project is supported by the Connecticut Arts Council, Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, Dragon’s Egg Studio and Fractured Atlas.

Shura Baryshnikov and Dancers

Upcoming Residency at the Egg with Set Go Contact Improvisation

Shura baryshnikov

Set Go Contact Improvisation ensemble returns to the Dragon’s Egg for the third consecutive year to spend time in research and development of performance scores for improvised dance work.  The group, consisting of dancers Shura Baryshnikov, Sarah Konner, Aaron Brandes, Paul Singh, and Bradley Teal Ellis, will also welcome two guest artists from Finland this summer, Iiris Raipala and Eevi Tolvanen, for five rich days of dancing.  
Photo by Anna M. Maynard 

Toby Vera Bercovici in Upcoming Residence

Toby bercovici
We are a group of female theater artists from New York City, Ithaca NY, Portland ME, and Northampton MA, exploring King Lear through a feminist and sound-based perspective. Our working title is Women Making Big Noises: Or, King Lear.
The photo is from a different show, but both of those actresses will be at the residency.

Glitter Goddesses at the Egg!

The Glitter Goddesses began devising a new multidisciplinary performance piece titled “UNRAVELED” at the Dragon’s Egg last weekend bringing together the Throat Chakra, Ritual, Theatre, Sculpture/Installation, Dance, & Original Music. As always, the Dragon’s Egg continues to be a sacred fountain of vulnerability, intimacy, joy, and healing for our creative process.
His story is in his voice.
You have to hear his voice
Speaking his words
To understand
His truth
Or lack thereof
Is his existence a distraction?
As a child, he didn’t like speaking
Lost in big personalities
Loud voices
Beautiful voices
Obnoxious voices
He didn’t want to be the center stage
He didn’t want to take up space
So he let others speak for him
Listening from their perspective
Using words is a commitment
Articulating truth is love
He is speaking into existence
A new relationship
with his voice
My voice has shock value
While you’ve been talking
I’ve been listening
When we add emotions to the alphabet
Bringing awareness to our range of emotional expression
Part of the reason we couldn’t talk about feelings was because he couldn’t identify the feelings
Vocal Literacy
Emotional Literacy
Humans only learn from doing things on their own
When help is a handicap
Affecting how I see myself
I guess I’m the quiet one
Screaming into the wind
Muted screaming
Queer people forced to lie
Sometimes finding your voice is
finding what you want to say,
Sometimes finding your voice is
finding that you have one.
Truth is playful creativity
Sometimes power/importance his people forced to lie
Learning sometimes
Confident voice
Hate voice – I hate my voice = I hate my story?
What you hear
Saying “if”
Perception – Finding what you want (through words)
Finding social survival
Now queer lying
Love my story
Identity, voice
Participating in society
To say words

Brynne Billingsley to be at the Egg in Residence!



 Brynne Billingsley to be at the Egg in Residence in May!


I am exploring concepts of the inner world and spirituality along with imagery connected to the sacred circle in the form of the mandala and in ritual, both historically and contemporaneously. Separately, I am investigating the concept and perception of time as an abstraction, a felt sense, and a meditative and performative tool. Acknowledging the inseparability of the mind-body-heart-spirit has been a main theme throughout my process as I work towards embodying this research. I am attempting to give equal importance to what I’m considering to be inner research and outer research. Inner research seems rooted in my creative manifestation, my meditative practices and improvisations, and has the potentiality to allow for authenticity to emerge as I practice embodiment in my movement and research explorations. My outer research is currently linked to how others experience and manifest their inner research, which has been an inspiring and uplifting journey that has allowed me to feel connections to other artists, thinkers, writers, and the greater world.  Where these two worlds collide, the inner and the outer, appears to be the threshold that will allow for the actualization of this project. As Carl Jung states, “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” With my current interpretation attuned to our interconnectedness, I consider the dream state and the awake state to be essential to my creative process in making this new work while moving through life. 

Beasts Perform

Marya has been enjoying her solo performances this past month, all of them outside of Boston: at the Bennett Hemenway School, Elizabeth Lyons School, and Lilya Elementary School.  

Marya MPB skyworld

She feels vastly blessed to be doing such joyful work!


The children are so engaged and fun!  The faculty are such fine guides for the educational lives of these burgeoning spirits.  

Snow heart  megF

These performances are all made possible through Young Audience Massachusetts.