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Kirtan with Shakti Ma


This is a kirtan event being offered by Barbara Macleod, “Shakti Ma” and friends, for all our enjoyment and benefit!  I hope you will join us!
Wednesday, October 24th, at the Dragon’s Egg.  
The event will begin at 6 pm. 
By donation.
Kirtan with Shakti Ma and Friends in honor of Sara Mae Williams
 featuring Chris Gonsolves on percussion
Sara mae dennison williams
Kirtan is an ancient sacred form of Bhakti- devotional yoga. Shakti has practiced chanting Mantra and sacred prayers from ancient religions for decades now. She uses vibration and sound to clear stagnant energies in her physical body as well as elevate her emotional  body. Shakti invites you to join her in celebrating the magnified healing  properties of community chant. 
The repetitive nature of mantra helps to induce a trancelike euphoric state of relaxation. It is said this state of altered consciousness creates pathways to deeper healing. 
Shakti translates as the Feminine force of creation and represents the power of Divine Mother. Shakti Ma is honored and pleased to return to her home @ the Dragon’s Egg after 7+ yrs to bring a soulful evening of UNITY and rhythm. 
Shakti has played with/for many traveling Swamis and Kirtan Wahlas here in Connecticut and in California. She presently resides in sunny Ocean Beach, CA. where she frequently plays for the local Krishna Temple and offers private home sessions. She has presented her music to graduating students of international meditation teacher Davidji and has released a CD of healing Mantra Music with San Diego based band KARISMA.
Shakti had the pleasure of meeting Christopher Gonsolves @ one of her kirtan’s @ the EGG about a decade ago. It was her niece, Sara Mae, that introduced them and they had an instant connection. Christopher is a Stonington based local musician. His intricate patterns and intuitive rhythms deliver you to an ancient place within. Shakti and Chris played regularly at local yoga studios for years before Shakti moved to CA. It will be a Blessed reunion for all.
For more info on Shakti Ma and her music  go to ShaktiMaMusic.com

Sara Azriel brings her music to the Egg

Sara azriel1
Sara Azriel is a vocalist/songwriter/composer/pianist and music educator based in Rhode Island. www.saraazriel.com
After a decade of debilitating creative anxiety, I am most gratefully using the space to create a new relationship to my writing process. The piece I have been working on is about the creative process — I am essentially writing myself a new way of being. 

Sara azriel2

Sara Azriel | Honeydoll Music

t: 310.999.4774

Sara azriel3

Kirtan at the Egg on October 24

Celebrating Goddess Rising
An evening of Kirtan, chant, music, dance and celebration of LIFE. Honoring the passing of Sara Mae, we will lift the energies and vibrations to support her on her new journey and bring peace to our longing hearts. 

Sara mae dennison williams

I will also use my residence to work on new CD concepts  and to dance, Move and play!
Jai Maaaa

Venus of W

Lily Ockwell at the Egg!

Lily ockwell 2
In Lily’s words, she will be working on a new project, and decompressing between two others!  Here you go:
I am planning on starting to forge ahead in making a one-woman show that is built for both stage and film.
Lily ockwell 1
The show will use dance, physical comedy, text, and moments of song to paint a silly, sometimes sad and ultimately honest portrayal of loneliness in an oversaturated world. I will use the time to draft the first iteration of something that has been bubbling in my brain for a while. In addition it is going to be a time for me to decompress in between two massive projects I am directing and choreographing in the city for the McKittrick Hotel (home of Sleep No More).

L’Ana Burton teaching Dance at the Egg

L’Ana Burton will be teaching a series of four dance workshops at the Egg, every other Wednesday, beginning October 10th and ending the day before Thanksgiving.  Come to one or all of them!  and come come one and all!  heh, have fun!

1st Adult/Teen Dance Workshop will be 
NEXT Wednesday Eve
October 10 Wednesday 5:30-7pm
Dragons Egg
Shewville Rd
Show Up : 
Let’s M O V E !!

Paul Dunion: A Day of Healing




Saturday October 27, 2018
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


The Dragon’s Egg Studio
401 Shewville Road, Ledyard, CT

This workshop explores how the ancient definition of the word psycho-pathology, which is “a suffering of the soul”, can focus our healing energies. Participants will clarify how their souls have suffered, what healing the soul is asking for and how to support a commitment to a healing path. The day can be one of healing renewal or a jump start toward increased personal growth.

  • How psychological wounding happens
  • Wounding and the human condition
  • The nature of emotional healing
  • Honoring defenses
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Self-compassion
  • Regulating the nervous system
  • Personal empowerment
  • A Suffering of the Soul

This workshop employs short lectures, storytelling, paired exercise, guided meditation and movement.

Workshop facilitators:

Margaret Harris, MA, has a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is experienced in facilitating groups through experiential and group process. Margaret is a graduate of the Priestess Path Apprenticeship designed for women to bring forth their vision in the world.

Jennifer Jondreau-Thompson, Ph.D., is a Licensed Professional Counselor – Psychotherapist in Canton, CT. She is trained in Gestalt, Child Psychology, Co-Counseling, Yoga and EMDR. For the past 20 years, Jennifer has held deep devotion for her work with adolescents, adults, couples and groups.

Paul Dunion, EdD, LPC, is a teacher and psychological healer who has been offering workshops, classes, and has been writing about the human potential movement since 1980. He is presently a regular blogger for The Huffington Post and has written 5 books, the latest published in 2016 and titled Seekers: Finding Our Way Home. Paul founded The Croton Mystery School in 2013; you can learn more about the school and it’s upcoming schedule by downloading the brochure found on his website as well.

Fee: Registration fee is $90 if payment is received by October 1st, $100 thereafter or at the door.

Please visit Paul’s Website to download the brochure and registration information.

Constellation Chor in Residence in October!

Constellation choir

Constellation Chor* is an improvising vocal performance ensemble made up of composers, singers, dancers and actors, and founded by music-theatre and choral composer Marisa Michelson 

*Chor from the Latin Cor meaning: heart, soul, mind; and the Greek Khoros meaning: to dance in a circle…
~chor is also meant to evoke the core, the center and the essence~
             Chor is inside of“chorus” and “choreography.”  The gestures and impulses we are working with might become voice or they might become movement.

Beverly Lopez and dancers has just been in residence!


Beverly lopez

REDi Dance Company is a community of story tellers that explore the power of listening and contributing with the body. The company advocates for interpersonal understanding and use a wide range of performance methods to reflect human experiences. The company infuses Latin dance styles, House, and modern dance to communicate and inspire healing connections. REDi Dance Company supports the health and wellness of Bronx  through the Picante Dance Series and the Dance Bridge Workshop.

Beverly Lopez
Artistic Director of REDi Dance
Director/Facilitator of Dance Bridge Workshop


Allison and Anna at the Egg in October!

Allison Snyder and Anna Nemetz are writers and performers based in New York City. While at the egg they will work on MY GIRL, a play that follows an intimate friendship over the course of 15 years. 

Amy and Kristy will be in residence later this month!


Amy Österreicher wil be in residency from Sept. 26-Oct.1 with Kristy Chambrelli.  

AMY: I as an artist, actress and playwright, am collaborating with a director on a multidisciplinary narrative, exploring trauma through the archetypal hero’s journey. “/fôrm/“ will incorporate art, movement, and music in an (autobiographical) story illustrated by mixed media art, and visual media. 


The story follows the exploration of a young woman as she redefines what it means to be “home.” Unexpectedly sucked into the world of trauma, she discovers, the darkest demons are within herself. Embarking on an archetypal hero’s journey, she recreates and forms a new definition of “home” through the lessons learned from trauma. She allows these lessons to illuminate her path give her a gift that she can bestow upon society, and herself. Forming a bold, new identity through art she finds “home” can never be rediscovered but instead reformed through, the expansive freedom of creativity, the universal symbols of myth, and the patterns in the stories all around us. 

Our story begins as Amy is discharged from the hospital. She is alone on stage surrounded by artwork and supplies from the hospital. Afraid of the outside world and surrounded by voices of doubt, she is thrust from a place she has come to call home for the past few months and thrust back into a world that feels unfamiliar and much scarier than before. She struggles with banal daily tasks and interactions. In seclusion, Amy retreats into the world of her imagination and uses her art as a way to communicate with the outside world. Using her discharge papers as her guide, she reexamines the traumas that have taken place and through creation is able to find her voice again. Determined to share her work with the community, Amy challenges her fears and mounts an art show. She is able to not only cope, but thrive as she puts the events of her life on display for her community. She is forced to deal with feelings she had long since cast aside and suppressed as everyone begins to leave. Her final moment on stage is a bookend to how she began, alone surrounded by her artwork and supplies, in which she experiences a final cathartic release and is able to express her emotions somewhere other than on a canvas. 



As we are devising the moments in this show, we are constantly discovering new ways to utilize objects, light, and media. Amy will begin on stage surrounded by every item needed for the show. As the story shifts time from the present to the past, practical things become more fanciful and take on different forms. Everything in Amy’s isolated world is utilitarian and transformative. Creativity provides a safe container for her to explore her emotions and start to form ways for her to deal with the traumas of the past. 

We are incorporating movement, shadow work, and possibly puppetry to represent some of the challenges and demons, Amy has to face. Her world is ever-changing and its form is constantly shifting through the use of projection and video design. Amy will be painting live on stage and we will be using painting not only in a practical sense but also deeply rooted in metaphor. This constant transformation of adversity to creativity will be present throughout all elements of design. 

I’m a survivor of sexual abuse, a total gastrectomy, a coma, 27 surgeries, organ failure, six years unable to eat or drink, and the PTSD that comes from a decade of trauma – all starting from my senior year of high school. I wrestled with various destructive coping mechanisms, until canvas, set me free. Picking up a paintbrush changed my world forever with a means of expressing what was too overwhelming for words. 



These stories, which were my narrative medicine, are interwoven with original songs and mixed media art to show the holistic experience of healing from trauma – a process that happens in felt sensations and lived through the body, not just our minds. This is a primal piece of live-storytelling – my own modern-day myth, created from trauma, of how I finally came back into society after trauma.” 

Trauma affected me in ways I sensed but couldn’t verbalize. I grappled with opposing halves of my psyche until I discovered the arts as an outlet for healing. “Imprints of traumatic experiences are organized not as coherent logical narratives but in fragmented sensory and emotional traces: images, sounds, and physical sensations.” -Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk