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TAPA at the Egg in November

Tapa Nov 18d

TAPA Dance Company: Senior Ensemble

Goodbyes are so much harder when you know you have been living in a dream. The TAPA Dance Company just took our Senior Ensemble for a two day residency at The Dragon’s Egg for a series of peer-facilitated workshops on yoga/meditation, conceptual performance art, authentic movement, (contact) improvisation, self care, artistic process, and anti-oppression community building. It is a privilege and honor to guide and be guided by this ensemble of young artists – their (com)passion, honesty, determination, and courage is overflowing in their work and I truly don’t know how I will be able to say goodbye this coming June. Being on retreat inspires new ways of thinking, creating, relating, questioning, and existing.

Tapa Nov 18b
What if schools felt less like factories to maximize (/create an illusion of) efficiency and more like retreat centers aimed to be inclusive, thoughtful, and healing? How can we create space in our economy for the ideals of our classrooms to exist for our students after we send them out into the world?

Tapa Nov 18a
Sitting in the present
The future does not exist
Leaning on our community is not always easy
Trusting ourselves is not always easy
But when we let go of our weight
When we trust the universe
When we step back to listen
When we share our secret language
We move out of our defensiveness
Healing is full of stains 
Tension feels inevitable 
Love is the answer 
The youth know
Listen to them
Trust them 
Trust each other
Love without conditions
Allow the wind to move you
Let go of your weight

– Matt Garza, Creative Director – TAPA Dance Company

Holiday Bazaar on December 8th

Xmas 18 card5


December 8th – Saturday – from 1- 4 pm

Hold the date for our annual

Holiday Bazaar

Ravel fabric
and holiday gathering of friends, littles and large,

at the Dragon’s Egg,  401 Shewville Road, Ledyard!

Beast hand
I look forward to seeing you there, to sharing a bit of tea, to wandering mongst the vendors, hearing music, chatting with friends.

namaste, marya

Tellabration at the Egg




Tellabration!  2018

November 11 at 4 pm, at the Dragon’s Egg




Tellers and Tales:


Diane Postoian “My Grandmother’s Broom and Other Shorts.”


Susie Scheyder: “Ode to Mama,”


Beth Mitchell:  “The Tree of Life Cycle Never Gets Boring”


Carl Peruzzotti: The “Voyage of the Bluebird” is from “Burt and I, and Other Stories from Down East,” a collection of humorous tales celebrating traditional Maine culture.


Susie Scheyder: “How Will You Change the World?”


Mystic Paper Beasts (Dan Potter and Marya Ursin): “Bringing the Sun”, a Native American story



Marya goat i tutu 1 2014 copy


Brief Bios:


Beth Mitchell earned her masters in education in 2014. Beth started as a youth singing in the school chorus, and, in high school, painting with classmates.  This led to her associate degree in visual arts, and then a B.A. in painting and drawing at ECSU.  Working with children and youth heightened her interest in kids’ art, puppets, and Native American stories..


Carl Peruzzotti lives in Noank, where he enjoys boating, sailing, fishing and all things nautical.


Diane Postoian has been a performer and a classroom teaching artist for 40 years. She is the former director of RI’s Looking Glass Touring theatre. In 2006, she received an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts from RI College.  


S. Jane (Susie) Scheyder is a mom, a children’s book author (One More Thing, and How Will You Change the World?) and a novelist (Four romantic comedies in the Clairmont Series.)  She loves storytelling of all kinds, and enjoys working part time at the Connecticut Storytelling Center, where she writes grants and promotes the wonderful tellers there. She and her husband, Paul, are newly empty nesters, so they are currently having fun redefining the nest!


The Mystic Paper Beasts Theatre Company (Dan Potter and Marya Ursin are today’s beasts):

The tales told by the Beasts are either original, or are versions of folktales and myths, expressed through humor and dance in whimsical masks which are hand made by Dan Potter, and with writing and direction by Marya Ursin.  The Beasts have performed throughout the Northeast, and as far west as New Mexico, and in Europe, in some 1000 venues.

Dan post consco 12

l’Ana Burton Dance at the Egg

With l’Ana Burton! Lucky you, if you can come! Do come!
at the Dragon’s Egg.
November 7
November 21 (night before Thanksgiving)
December 5
5:30-7pm   except for This Wednesday, which will be from 5 – 6:30.
Show up – $15.00 per class

Residencies: Matt Garza and TAPA

Matt Garza will be hosting a series of residencies at the Dragon’s Egg this fall and winter for his students at TAPA, for the teachers, and for the glitter goddesses and friends.  Meanwhile, he is busy in Providence with other offerings:





Rochambeau Library – 708 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906
Thursday 10/25 at 5:00pm
Thursday 11/8 at 5:00pm
Saturday 11/17 at 1:30pm
Saturday 12/8 at 1:30pm
Saturday 12/22 at 1:30pm

Should be able to send final details and dates to you so soon! Excited and hopeful to have this group up and running by mid-November! Feel free to reach out with questions and feel free to share with folks who might be interested:
The Liberation Dance Workshop is a space that aims to explore the relationship between the individual body and the collective body. How can movement support individual and collective liberation? Especially designed for those who have always wanted to take a dance class, but haven’t yet found safety and freedom in their dance practice, this is a “movement for everyone…literally everyone” class. Through yoga, meditation, authentic movement, contact improvisation, and Aesthetics/Theatre of the Oppressed work, this is a ten week workshop aiming to begin building a continued community of folks who want to explore liberation through movement and dance. There will be both Wednesday & Saturday options for this series and the cost will be sliding scale. 
All bodies are welcome. 
All ages are welcome. 
All skin colors are welcome. 
All abilities and levels are welcome. 
All sexualities are welcome.
All faiths and beliefs are welcome.
All vocations and professions are welcome. 
All parents and family members are welcome (even crying babies).
We must practice and breathe as a community together.

Matthew Rolando Garza (he/him/his or they/them) is a Queer Latinx performance artist, choreographer, curriculum writer, educator/youth advocate, and unicorn originally from South Texas. The Dance Artist in Residence at TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts, Garza is also a founding member of the Glitter Goddess Artist Collective and a senior company member of New Works/World Traditions Dance Company; an Art21 Educator; a Project Wayfinder Guide; a facilitator for the Youth Leadership Institute; an instructor for Brown University’s Leadership Institute; an adjunct professor in the Theatre Department for CCRI’s program in the Men and Women’s prisons; and a committee member for PRONK: Providence Honk Fest. Garza holds a B.A. in Education History from Brown University ‘11 and a dual M.A. in Educational Theatre & Social Studies Education from NYU. His favorite movement traditions include Latin (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata), West African, Hip Hop, Vogue, & Contemporary dance. In his free time, Garza enjoys glitter, painting, singing, practicing/teaching yoga, dismantling white supremacy, eating spaghetti, and making costumes.

Kirtan with Shakti Ma


This is a kirtan event being offered by Barbara Macleod, “Shakti Ma” and friends, for all our enjoyment and benefit!  I hope you will join us!
Wednesday, October 24th, at the Dragon’s Egg.  
The event will begin at 6 pm. 
By donation.
Kirtan with Shakti Ma and Friends in honor of Sara Mae Williams
 featuring Chris Gonsolves on percussion
Sara mae dennison williams
Kirtan is an ancient sacred form of Bhakti- devotional yoga. Shakti has practiced chanting Mantra and sacred prayers from ancient religions for decades now. She uses vibration and sound to clear stagnant energies in her physical body as well as elevate her emotional  body. Shakti invites you to join her in celebrating the magnified healing  properties of community chant. 
The repetitive nature of mantra helps to induce a trancelike euphoric state of relaxation. It is said this state of altered consciousness creates pathways to deeper healing. 
Shakti translates as the Feminine force of creation and represents the power of Divine Mother. Shakti Ma is honored and pleased to return to her home @ the Dragon’s Egg after 7+ yrs to bring a soulful evening of UNITY and rhythm. 
Shakti has played with/for many traveling Swamis and Kirtan Wahlas here in Connecticut and in California. She presently resides in sunny Ocean Beach, CA. where she frequently plays for the local Krishna Temple and offers private home sessions. She has presented her music to graduating students of international meditation teacher Davidji and has released a CD of healing Mantra Music with San Diego based band KARISMA.
Shakti had the pleasure of meeting Christopher Gonsolves @ one of her kirtan’s @ the EGG about a decade ago. It was her niece, Sara Mae, that introduced them and they had an instant connection. Christopher is a Stonington based local musician. His intricate patterns and intuitive rhythms deliver you to an ancient place within. Shakti and Chris played regularly at local yoga studios for years before Shakti moved to CA. It will be a Blessed reunion for all.
For more info on Shakti Ma and her music  go to ShaktiMaMusic.com

Sara Azriel brings her music to the Egg

Sara azriel1
Sara Azriel is a vocalist/songwriter/composer/pianist and music educator based in Rhode Island. www.saraazriel.com
After a decade of debilitating creative anxiety, I am most gratefully using the space to create a new relationship to my writing process. The piece I have been working on is about the creative process — I am essentially writing myself a new way of being. 

Sara azriel2

Sara Azriel | Honeydoll Music

t: 310.999.4774

Sara azriel3

Kirtan at the Egg on October 24

Celebrating Goddess Rising
An evening of Kirtan, chant, music, dance and celebration of LIFE. Honoring the passing of Sara Mae, we will lift the energies and vibrations to support her on her new journey and bring peace to our longing hearts. 

Sara mae dennison williams

I will also use my residence to work on new CD concepts  and to dance, Move and play!
Jai Maaaa

Venus of W

Lily Ockwell at the Egg!

Lily ockwell 2
In Lily’s words, she will be working on a new project, and decompressing between two others!  Here you go:
I am planning on starting to forge ahead in making a one-woman show that is built for both stage and film.
Lily ockwell 1
The show will use dance, physical comedy, text, and moments of song to paint a silly, sometimes sad and ultimately honest portrayal of loneliness in an oversaturated world. I will use the time to draft the first iteration of something that has been bubbling in my brain for a while. In addition it is going to be a time for me to decompress in between two massive projects I am directing and choreographing in the city for the McKittrick Hotel (home of Sleep No More).

L’Ana Burton teaching Dance at the Egg

L’Ana Burton will be teaching a series of four dance workshops at the Egg, every other Wednesday, beginning October 10th and ending the day before Thanksgiving.  Come to one or all of them!  and come come one and all!  heh, have fun!

1st Adult/Teen Dance Workshop will be 
NEXT Wednesday Eve
October 10 Wednesday 5:30-7pm
Dragons Egg
Shewville Rd
Show Up : 
Let’s M O V E !!