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The Hygienic Egg Breathed, and well.

HygEgg 18 Clare3
It was a wonderful event today at the Hygienic Art Gallery.
HygEgg 18 RobertPalm
My heart was wide, and my eyes full of tears and laughter, by turn, in the presence of the performers’ many ways ofHygEgg 18 Tapa5 entering this, the Poetry of Death.
HygEgg 18 Ara2

I thank them for their poetry, honesty, generosity, their ways of being, here, and now, in the world, offering it all to those lucky ones who were present as our audience, and to those not present, as well.
HygEgg 18 Cristin2

Our next Big Assemblage Event is the Narrative Event, which will be on June 23rd, at 4 pm, (call time 11, run at 12), at the Dragon’s Egg. Hold the date!!

HygEgg 18 BernLarry

xo marya
MaryaMirror3 18 18a

Hygienic Egg!


Come join us this Sunday for the Hygienic Egg, a performance that moves through all the galleries of the Hygienic Arts in New London, Ct.    The performers come from far and near, and all are associated with the Dragon’s Egg.  Here is our programme!
I hope to see you there!
March 18 at 12:30.
xox namaste, marya

Hygienic Egg 2018:  a Focus on the Poetry of Death

Performers are artists local and distant, all associated with the Dragon’s Egg.  
We are here in the galleries through the generosity of Hygienic Arts – thank you!! 
The project is conceived and assembled by Marya Ursin, of the Dragon’s Egg. 

1. Front Entry Bill Hossack will read  “Because I could not stop for Death” by Emily Dickinson

2. Front Entry behind/ around the counter. Golden Ratio (Larry Kern and Bernadette Golden) will                 sing “Lonesome Holler”:  Romy Hatfield and Julie McCoy are mad as heck that they are dead.

3.  downstairs front end of room… Cristin Cawley will dance a solo “Cent’ Anni”, from the Sicilian                  funeral procession; music: Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana, by Pietro Mascagni. 

4.  downstairs.  Christie Williams will read original poem, “First Blood”

Lynnrajewskifeathers 5.  downstairs back end of room…Rena Judge hooping to “Oh Death” by Rising Appalachia 

6.  upstairs at top of stairs in entry  Jason Rabin monologue- Blues songs about death.

7.  upstairs back end of entry area.  Bobbi Nidz – puppetry and flute
         “Cry, Heart, But Never Break, by Ringtved”.

8. middle gallery.  Gillian Whittle will read original poem, “Mr Tod”

9.  middle gallery   Clare Byrne –  “Beloved Nothing”  (dance/music)

10.  middle gallery  Robert Palm will read original prose poem.

11.  middle gallery  Kathleen Smith (choreographer) will dance:  “For Death”
    by John O’Donohue; read by Luanne Benshimol

12.  Milt Angelopoulos will read John Donne: “Death Be Not Proud”

13.  front gallery….Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts students will dance “Doomed”

14.  front gallery.  Ara  Fitzgerald: solo dance/text: “Why Did Sarah Bernhardt Sleep in a Coffin?“

15. front gallery: Sandy Laub will read Dylan Thomas: “And Death Shall Have No Dominion”


Woman holding mirror on grass reflection
We thank the performers, who have given of their dreams, their time, their presence, to us,
and to you, for being present for these explorations.  
And we thank the Hygienic Galleries, here in New London, for all they do!   xox mcu  
www.dragonseggstudio.org, Join to help support the artists and activities of the Dragon’s Egg!  contact Marya at mybeasts@aol.com
March 18, 2018

MVenice 58

Stress, Fatigue, Nutrition – Free Workshop


Free Workshop on Stress and Fatigue

Would you like to have more energy?  Do you feel stressed and off balance?  How would your life change if you had more energy?

Come learn about how nutrition is linked to stress and fatigue and how to start improving your health today.

March 29th 5:00-6:00

Dragon’s Egg 401 Shewville Rd. Ledyard

Speaker: Cara Joseph

Cara JoseGetPart 1ph is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Nursing. She also holds a bachelor’s of science in exercise physiology from Arizona State University and has extensive training in Nutrition Response Testing and Nutrition from Ulan Nutritional Systems.

After nursing sick patients in the hospital for over a decade Cara wanted to provide a way for people to gain control of their personal health.

Cara helps clients obtain wellness through natural means that work harmoniously with the body. She is a seven time Ironman triathlon finisher and mother of two.


Preregistration required –

To register for this workshop contact Cara Joseph at c_joseph34@comcast.net or (860) 334-3331

The Hygienic Egg!

Sunday, March 18, at the Hygienic Galleries in New London – yay!!

Our annual promenade performanceMars in Crazy J,
by a number of artists who have been in residence at the Dragon’s Egg,
– at the Hygienic Galleries  in New London – is coming up!
There will be music, dance, puppetry, theatre, hooping, poetry, with the audience moving through the many galleries at the Hygienic as we move through the event.
It will be onCristin10
Sunday, March 18, at 12:30 midday,
at the Hygienic, on Bank Street, in New London.
Donations are welcome!
Assembled by Marya.

It will last about an hour and is suitable for all ages.

I hope to see you thereJason in crazy!

xo marya

Long Dance leaves…



The international gathering of contact improv artists at the Egg draws to a close.



 I was honored to be able to be present for their showing on Saturday.  


Wonderful explorations!LongdancePainting

We hope they will return!  


Long Dance Offerings/Showings in Contact Improv


I hope you can come! 

This Sunday will be the final contact improv class from 4 – 6 pm (scroll down for more information and to sign up),
and on Saturday the 17th, there will be a Community “Underscore” during the day, and a performance in the late afternoon – again, scroll down for the specifics.
This is a wonderful opportunity!   I hope you may be able to come.
namaste, marya

NSS Long Dance
Public Events in February


Dear All,

The Long Dance project keeps going. You are all welcome to join us this next weekend 17th and 18th February 2018. Morning Underscore, afternoon public sharing on Saturday and Open class on Sunday. Read more details below.

Long Dance participants are a group of mostly international dancers who have studied with Nancy intensively including have just finished the 3-week January Workshop at Earthdance in Plainfield, MA. They are in residence at Dragon’s Egg studio in Ledyard, CT doing self-directed research and projects with dance improvisation, Contact Improvisation, and other work.

There are 3 Sundays of Contact Improvisation classes taught by Long Dance participants: February 4th, 11th, and 18th. 

On February 17 is a community Underscore and a showing of performance work from the Long Dance participants. Please reserve a spot.

All details are below. 

Hope you are able to make it to some of these!

Love, Nancy (and Patrick, January Workshop coordinator)



taught by Long Dance participants

Sundays, 4:00 pm–6:00 pm
Feb. 4, Feb. 11, Feb. 18
$12-15 sliding scale for each class
Dragon’s Egg studio, 401 Shewville Rd, Ledyard CT, 06339
Reserve a spot: nsslongdance@gmail.com


4752f899 b672 4d62 87a1 464b499fe834SEASONAL UNDERSCORE (Winter)
(normally in Northampton but this time in Connecticut!)
facilitated by Long Dance participants w/ Nancy Stark Smith

Saturday, February 17, 11:00 am–2:30 pm
Talk-through: February 17, 10:00–10:45 am (by Long Dance participants)
$15-25 sliding scale
Dragon’s Egg studio, 401 Shewville Rd, Ledyard CT, 06339
Reserve a spot: underscore@nancystarksmith.com

by Long Dance participants

Saturday, February 17, 4:30 pm
Dragon’s Egg studio, 401 Shewville Rd, Ledyard CT, 06339
Reserve a spot: underscore@nancystarksmith.com


Final sharingContactImprov

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TAPAS at the Egg!

Garza Doomed3


The Dance Department at Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts (TAPA) created and performed a series of original devised pieces this January 2018. These pieces were conceptualized and imagined by students, both in class and during an artist residency at the Dragon’s Egg Studio.

“As Creative Director of the Dance Company at TAPA, it is a privilege to witness young artists expressing passion, resilience, and power – not only while performing on stage, but also during the process of creative collaboration and rehearsal. It is a beautifully challenging process to create something that did not exist before. Our work in the Dance Department at TAPA aims to re-center conceptual dance and contemporary art around the authentic expressive movement as well Afro-Latin traditions. By doing this, we are saying: We exist. Our imaginations exist. We belong. Our imaginations belong.”

  • Matt Garza, TAPA Dance Artist in Residence

Garza Consent3

CONSENT – Imagined & Performed by: 9th Grade Dance Majors

“This piece was and is important because “CONSENT” is a very serious subject in which people now-a-days take very lightly. It is your right, your yes, your no and everyone has it. People shouldn’t be scared or feel as if they have done something wrong if they don’t give someone consent to do something. People should feel safe with themselves and others and consent plays a very big and important part in this.”

  • Joylynn, 9th Grade Dance Major

Garza Consent2


“The dance was about consent. I feel like it was also based on other things. For example: maturity, family, and role switching. We as the dance Majors have showed a lot of maturity while being on stage because most of the time we are goofy. It showed that the ninth graders are finally learning how to cooperate and dance as a family like we are blood. Lastly we did a role switch. What I mean by that is that in our society we are so used to boys having to be tough. Well in our performance we showed that it is okay for boys or men to cry ; that they are allowed to have feelings.”

  • Lavell, 9th Grade Dance Major

Garza Consent1

DOOMED – Imagined, Choreographed, & Performed by: 10th Grade Dance Majors

“This is a dance piece focused on emotional, mental, and physical pain and how people deal with it and express it.. It was created by us as a whole when we were sharing out ideas and brainstorming on what is pain, what bring us pain, how we express pain, and how we deal with pain… it shows the importance of pain in our lives.”

  • Oscardavid, 10th Grade Dance Major

Garza Doomed1

“I would describe this piece as healing from a point in life when you felt sad…It’s important to show people that it’s okay to be sad; that you’ll heal from it or can get healed; that you’re not the only one.”

  • Natalie, 10th Grade Dance Major

Garza Doomed2

Contact Improv Long Residency

Contact Anna Fontanel for more information,

at nanafontanet@gmail.com.   xo marya

Underscore Sat. Feb. 17th

Fee $15-25, sliding scale
Talk through 10:00am – 10:45am
Underscore 11:00am – 2:30am

The Underscore, an improvisation practice that emerged from Nancy Stark Smith in 1990 and has been growing and changing since, explores the dynamics of group, solo and partner improvisation/ Contact Improvisation over the span of 3-4 hours. Participants of Nancy Stark Smith’s three week long workshop & Long Dance will be facilitating this practice for the community. All people who have danced Contact Improvisation before are welcome and are strongly encouraged to join for both the Talk- through & the Underscore itself. If this is your first Underscore we ask that you definitely attend the talk- through before hand. For more information please visit http://nancystarksmith.com/underscore/ 

Potluck lunch
Final sharingContactImprov

On donation

After the conclusion of three weeks of intensive work with Nancy Stark Smith, followed by three weeks of self guided research, 16 artists will come together to share their discoveries surrounding Contact Improvisation, movement research and other topics that have revealed themselves throughout the duration of this project. These artists are exploring the convergence of their own artistic research with the materials and deep practice experienced with Nancy Stark Smith. We invite you to join us for our sharing & see all that we uncovered.
All are welcome.
ContactImprov classes

CI classes open for all levels
Sun. Feb. 4th, 11th, 18th
4:00pm -6:00pm
Fee 12-15$
Come dance with us! Join us for Contact Improvisation Classes, open for all levels and taught by participants of Nancy Stark Smith’s January Workshop & Long Dance.

Contact Improvisation is an open-ended exploration of the kinaesthetic possibilities of bodies moving through contact. Sometimes wild and athletic, sometimes quiet and meditative, it is a form open to all bodies and enquiring minds.

—from Ray Chung workshop announcement, London, 2009

Hooping is a Closed Circle

HygE hoop

The Hooping Collective continues to meet on Mondays at 6:30, and is now a closed circle, as they find this supports their explorations.  There will be public hooping events, tba, in the future, so watch for posts!  and be well!  spinning in this gorgeous world of ours.  

Doppelgänger in Residence




Doppelgänger Dance Collective spent the week in residence at The Dragon’s Egg working with choreographer Heidi Henderson.  Heidi is developing an evening length work previously referred to as The Queen’s Dream, now re-titled as ‘Elizabeth III’, which will be performed in it’s entirety in late summer 2018 at Green Street Studios in Cambridge, MA.  This is the third season that DDC has worked with Heidi Henderson.  We love being a part of Heidi’s creative process!