Windy Willows and 75 alive!

Hold the Date!
August 15th at noon
In front of the Dragon’s Egg at 401 Shewville, Ledyard

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The Windy Willows!
And a celebration of 75 for Dan!

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This year’s Narrative Event will take a look at The Wind in the Willows, with the performers all placed out of doors, and you, our friends and guests, on a promenade through the river of life. It will involve dance, music, monologue, puppet, and beasts, and will be followed by Cake and Jubilee! And balloons, flying balsa planes, yo-yos, croquet, and boules. We invite you to bring your picnic!

Artichoke blossoms

There is no rain date. If it is raining, the Wind in the Willows will take place inside the Egg, and will be followed by cake. (Masks are required indoors; though we encourage outdoor masking if you are going to be congregating close to others!)


We hope for Sun! = To shine on this sunny lad, this Leo who will happily lead you on a dangerous adventure down a zip line behind his studio, or a dip in the brook, just as Toad of Toad Hall might be wont to do.
Toot toot!

No need for gifts, but cards will be welcome. If you must bring something, bring some Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider, for a toast!

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Toad’s roadster, in progress..

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