Tellabration at the Egg is Nov. 20th at 4


Misty sita

Please come, and bring your friends of all ages!

The Dragon’s Egg Presents

Tellabration! A Celebration of the Oral Tradition

The Dragon’s Egg (Shewville Rd., Ledyard) will host a Tellabration for families on Sunday, November 20th at 4:00 p.m.

Several storytellers will grace this beautiful space. Each storyteller has a unique style and repertoire, making this event like a little storytelling festival! Wendy Marans, Nick Checker, Eric Larsen, Steve Long, Beth Mitchell, Carl Peruzzotti, and the Beasts, will all be a treat to hear.

Tellabration is a mammoth storytelling event – and that’s no Tall Tale! It’s a storytelling phenomenon, made up of dozens of storytelling happenings all over the world. Its purpose is to introduce adults, as well as children, to the pleasures of the oral art of storytelling. It is one of the programs offered by The Connecticut Storytelling Center, based in New London.

A full listing of Tellabration sites in Connecticut with dates and times can be found by logging onto and clicking on “Tellabration” or by calling The Connecticut Storytelling Center at 860-934-8165.

Come curl up for a story!

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