Raving Jaynes will be in Residence!!

The Raving Jaynes will be working hard at the Dragon’s Egg to discover new worlds of improvisation.  Please join us at 5:15 Thursday, March 24th, Friday, March 25th and/or Saturday, March 26th as we cap off each day of rehearsal with a 40 minute showing.  Each night will be different so feel free to come more than once!  

The Raving Jaynes (Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham) combine dance and improv to create highly physical, spontaneous pieces of dance/theater. Nothing is choreographed, nothing is scripted! Characters, settings, atmospheres and abstract imagery emerge from the simple seeds of skillful movement. Two unique characters go on a journey that gradually reveals itself amidst a collage of scenes and dances. The dancers become actors and back again, transforming dialogue into movement and movement into dialogue. The sacred and (more often) profane, natural and fantastic, flawed, ridiculous and ever-hopeful mingle in a field of imagination and play.

The Raving Jaynes perform regularly at the PIT in New York City, teach workshops and are advocates for the art of improvisation as a performance practice. They have been presented at IMPRO Amsterdam; the Abundance Festival in Karlstad, Sweden; Big City Improv Festival in Toronto; TCIF in Minneapolis; the ADaPT Festival in Santa Barbara; The Crisis Art Festival in Arezzo, Italy; The Comedy in Dance Festival at Triskelion Arts; Dancemopolitan at Joe’s Pub; Duofest in Philadelphia; The NYC Improv Festival; The Unscripted New York Improvised Theatre Festival, The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, The District Improv Festival in D.C., Your Move in Jersey City and The Tank.

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