Marly Schneider

Welcome to Marly S. Dancework’s first ever kickstarter campaign. This fundraising effort is being launched in order to support a group of us traveling to, and creating in, North Carolina at the AZULE residency space.  As an emerging choreographer, a big part of my artistic exploration has revolved around finding the environments and circumstances that fuel my own and my collaborator’s creative fires.  For reasons both logistical (finding ample rehearsal time and space that works for everyone involved, etc.) and personal (lacking time to delve into an idea fully, spreading myself too thin, etc.), it has become clear to me that the creative residency model is an ideal one for me at this point.

Recently, my long term love for math and physics has become a huge asset in my search for creative structures within which to work.  Last fall, myself and 3 collaborators (Tierney Munger, Laura Gordon, and Avi Waring) were lucky enough to spend 5 days at the Dragon’s Egg artist space in Connecticut (  We played with the concepts, many that I am still toying with,  of waves, velocity, and frequency.  It was at that residency that I became acutely aware of how beneficial a concentrated, close, focused environment is to my personal process.

In the last few months, I have become fascinated with an idea that I have encountered about the number 3 representing the doorway to infinite possibility.  1 idea in a vacuum leaves no room for development.  2 ideas often lead to harsh duality.  3 ideas, however, offer themselves to a variety of permutations.  I recognize that just the concept of infinity negates a start and an end.  I also recognize that how one defines a single idea is up for debate.  But all of this questioning is a large part of my intrigue with the topic.  I am currently in the process of developing improvisational and choreographic structures surrounding these ideas and I look forward to delving into them with my collaborators (Paul Besaw, Avi Waring, Laura Gordon, Tierney Munger, and perhaps a couple special guests!) at our April residency. 

Thank you!


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