r and j project: Juliet, and her Romeo

Come come!   It will be merry and sad, unexpected and exciting, wild and emphatic, amazing and thrilling.
And it is This Weekend!  a one time only event. 

the r and j  Project: Juliet, and her Romeo

4 pm, June 15, 2013, the Tenth Narrative Event
at the Dragon’s Egg, 401 Shewville Rd, Ledyard

assembled yearly in June by Marya Ursin,
with a changing ensemble of artists
of great talent, boisterous originality, and endless generosity. 

Come a wee bit early for the pre show of Elizabethan gloire on your way from parking in the field, on the path to the Egg.   You will meet Elizabethan ladies and jousters, minstrels and dancing bears.   You will be handed an insult which you may deliver or treasure!   The Montagues and Capulets may begin to rumble.

Please do join us in this original one time only rendition of Romeo and Juliet.   Dancers, Actors, Musicians, Beasts, create riffs on different parts of the play, sonnets will be spoken, songs sung, umbrellas and corruga horns will be featured, Beasts will be dancing.

Marya then assembles these, creating various segueways, and we have a play!  

This is suitable for all ages, and entry is by donation. 

You are sooooo lucky to be able to come!   so do!  heh.
I hope to see you, this weekend! 
namaste, marya


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