r and j project: Juliet and her Romeo

Amazing! – it was indeed!

Artists gathered to offer their riffs and meditations on the story of Juliet, and her Romeo, with dance, theatre, music, mask, sonnet.   Comments include:

(I was blown away by the ) “wit, fantasy, music, dance, acting, the world of the play. Like a prism. It was transporting.”  Rachel Jett, National Theatre Institute


“A particularly versatile narrative project yesterday, with full use of of grounds, bounding talent and, as always, wide-ranging inventiveness. A fine do.”

Peter Nichols, writer, journalist, editor

The ensemble of artists were generous and willing – as you know, much of this project comes together at the last minute!   with much work and rehearsing having preceded that moment.

We celebrated with dinners and breakfasts, and a brave swim in the chilly enticing sea.   Fresh eggs from Clare Byrne’s home in Vermont followed, with laughter and the priceless joy of friendship and of being.

We thank you all.   namaste.

R and j beach

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