Play Reading of Dead Man’s Cell Phone

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Our first living room informal play reading (with tea and such) will be on 
Saturday, July 20th, from 2-5.   Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl

A number of interested readers have responded they would like to be a part of the reading.
This play has 7 characters, and the stage direction reader; here are the work- in- progress cast assignments…  I ordered four copies of the play, and hopefully others will bring their own. 

stage directions reader:                 Kato McNickle

Gordon, a dead man                      Milt Angelopoulos
Jean, a woman                              Jessica Cerullo
The Other Woman/The Stranger  Jane Pearson
Hermia, Gordon’s widow                Meg Lyons. Confirmed, may leave early
Mrs. Gottlieb, Gordon’s mother      Sandy Laub
Dwight, Gordon’s brother               Christie Williams

I look forward to seeing you!!


Our Next time I anticipate having on August 17 or 18, preferably on the 18th, from 2-5, as we shall just be back on the 16th from a trip..
On that day, we shall read Cloud 9  by Caryl Churchill – with many characters, lots of cross gender casting, and some repeated casting Act 1 to Act 2, in different times.

Please let me know if you are able to be a part of this second date, as well!   and if the 18th works for you, 2-5 pm.

I am looking at Sept 15th for our next play reading date.  Might that work for you?

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