Open Improv Dance at the Egg!


Doug spaeth dance

“Improvisational Dance Studio at the Egg”
Open to all!

July 18
August 15
September 19

“Come join us from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on the third Tuesday in July, August, and September at the Egg for a chance to dance improv in the presence of other participants. Bring the title of a piece of music or multiple pieces that you know are found in the Apple Music app so that I may play it for you via Bluetooth over excellent speakers. We will give each other 7 minutes to dance for up to 12 participants, factoring in transition time. There will be more time given per dancer if there are fewer participants.
Consider it a chance to be acknowledged for your dancing creativity, whether a beginner or advanced.”

Doug Spaeth is a professional massage therapist, specializing in Hawaiian lomilomi and Thai yoga who comes to us most recently from Austin, Texas, but has called Hawai’i, Washington, Kentucky, Ohio, and Massachusetts his home in the past. He spent his childhood in France where he learned to speak French. He went to college in Ohio to study the biological sciences and has a degree in botany. He enjoys nature photography, swimming, backpacking, and kayaking. Doug’s interest in improvisational dance is multifaceted, having attended dance classes and participated in ecstatic dance events at various intentional communities in California and Oregon. He looks to dance to express emotions in a healthy way, acknowledging every dancer for their intrinsic right to be seen and appreciated for their poetry in motion.

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