Kickstarter Campaign for Dragon’s Egg Presents is fully funded!!


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We are funded!!! gasp! I am thrilled, and so grateful.
But if you continue to donate, it will continue to be helpful. My kickstarter was to cover about 1/3 of the costs Emoji so more is good!
Feel free to donate, via the link below.
Thank you so much!
And thank you to those who have donated so freely and generously already:
Andy Lynch, Gerry Herman, Ara Fitzgerald, Nicholas Croft, Cynthia Hackett Cobb, Claudia Flynn West, Serinity Young, Michael Kuser, Donna Klucewicz, James Leach, Sarah Maxfield, Wolf, and the Creative Fund.
My deepest thanks for helping to make dreams come alive!
xo marya

And here is the letter re the kickstarter campaign, again.

I have, in the past, offered concerts in NYC in various venues to showcase some of the work from Egg residents, and am hugely excited to do so once again.

Dragon’s Egg Presents will be this fall at 2:00 on September 23rd, 2023,
in Speyer Hall, at University Settlement, on 184 Eldridge Street, in NYC.

A number of recent artists-in-residence at the Dragon’s Egg will present excerpts from work – solo/duet/group, that will range from song to dance theatre to comic improv to dramatic monologue to music to film.
Among the performers, as currently planned:: Alison Cook Beatty Dance, Clare Byrne and the Celestials, Amelia Rose Estrada, Ara Fitzgerald, Haus of Glitter, Falls Kennedy, Anabella Lenzu, catherine messina/rogue wave, Damian Quinones, jill.sigman/thinkdance, Tinata (Brynne Billingsley, Elizabeth Corbett, Penny Freeh), Garet Wiersdsma.

LD Kelley will be our able stage manager.
Lighting will be by the amazing University Settlement.

Marya Ursin, executive director of the Egg, is thrilled to be organizing/presenting this sampling of the fine work generated at the Dragon’s Egg, offered through the generosity of the performers.

This Kickstarter will help with this particular dream so that it can be actualized with joy and with ease, in such a way that will honor the performers, their work, and the Egg.

I thank you for being present for this particular dream.
May all beings be filled with well being and peace.
namaste, Marya

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