HiveMind Theater Collective

We have been honoured to host HiveMind a number of times at the Dragon’s Egg.  Here is a short bit about them:

HiveMind Theater Collective is a multi-city based devised physical theater company and is an artist centered, revolving door company. This means that the artists that are involved in our work are able to dedicate as much or as little time as they feel able.
Artists and theater-makers can apply to the company and attend as many of the five day workshops that are held at the Dragon’s Egg Studio through out the year. At each workshop the the work is pushed forward by the whole company with the knowledge that there will always be someone in the room that has been grounded in the work since it’s inception, as well as someone with fresh eyes to keep our perspective authentic.
HiveMind Theater Collective is currently developing an original piece titled Yellow Bellied, Lilly Livered, Chicken Shit: Or The Coward and it will be the companies premiere performance to be held at AS22’s 95 Empire BlackBox in Providence, RI August 26th-28th. 

The list of those at this last workshop:
Shannon Sexton Potter
DJ Potter
Christopher Corporandy
Nick Roesler
Katie Sexton
Aran Montare Savory
Callie Nestleroth
Elizabeth Cohen

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