Earth Day! May Day!

Earth Day – May Day!!  

at the Dragon’s Egg, 

May 1, 2016




Activities will include


Boules (like Bacci) timed according to desire

Drumming Circle with Dwayne Green and friends  2:45 pm

Guitar with Kato and Deb  from 2 pm for an hour or so

Hooping with Serena (and friends) whenever you may like

Nature walk with Laurie  around 3 pm



Vendors will include


Robert Burns

Nick Checker

Mary Ellen Christina and Kat O’Reilly

Erica from Small Potatoes Crafts & Gifts

Jessica Ferrol with Maria and Addy

Julie Heerlein

Donna Klucewicz

chelle lu messina

Beth Mitchell


Joanne Sheehan

Sue-Ann Wayne and friend

Marya Ursin



Earth Poets of Word, Song, and Body  at 4 pm


L’ana Burton and the CDC dancers at 3:45

Dan Potter

Christie Williams

Saraswati Lewis (song)

Jana Flaherty

Rhonda Ward

Blue Flowers

Nicky Checker

Melanie Greenhouse

Sandy Laub


Izzy8 11




May all beings everywhere be filled with well being, and be at peace.

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