Egg and Barn Fire Update



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We are surrounded by messages of love and support from all of you, from the artists of the Egg, from community, from colleagues, from friends – thank you!

And we are also surrounded by a team of professionals who are generous with their time and expertise – the fire department, the insurance companies, the team of people involved in clean up, removal, repair, restoration.   We have engaged Servicemaster by Mason, in Westerly, for this latter work.   The second level is cleared out of debris, rubble, and contents.

Second level is clear

We do not yet know of a settled cause for the fire, though it was probably electrical, in the Barn.   This will come.

We do not yet have an estimate for coverage for the damage from the insurance company – this will come.

We have submitted for the burned car and it was deemed a total loss.  That payment has been already issued.

Mini cooper

Personal contents: I am going to my home insurance for massage and yoga supplies.  Others who were teaching or students for Sonder body mind centering at the Egg, at the Egg, at the time of the fire, have also been told to go to their own insurance companies, and then, after they have run that route, to come to the Egg insurance.

Massage creams oils 2

Yoga thicker blocks


It is a process.   There is much loss, and much lightness.   We can dance in the sky!

And keep our fire in the fireplace!

Fire in fireplace


We see the moon, and can look via a camera obscura nifty box at the eclipse.


Camera obscura1

And we go on.

We wish you well!

Happy April, namaste, marya, for the Beasts and the Egg.  May colors abound!

Coloured eggs


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