Echo returns! returns returns in 2020


EchoDSC 7876 DxOcAn echo is created, repeated and transformed in play with Space and Time


ECHOensemble comes together in an awareness-based practice of repetition and evolution called SHIFT, born from Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints, Steve Reich’s “process music”, Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, and years of messy research. ECHOensemble had their public debut at Dixon Place in January, 2019, premiering their evening-length work One. They now perform regularly for ChaShaMa in abandoned commercial spaces in New York City. They have performed for the CREST festival at Teatro Latea, Basement Gallery in Bushwick, and in residence at Dragon’s Egg. They are thrilled to return for a second time!


On Sunday, March 1st at 5pm ECHOensemble will present echo/chamber, an immersive landscape of movement and sound where moving bodies and acoustic vibrations resonate in Space together. Join them for this unique performance!



Noah Becker  clarinet, alto sax, movement

Sean Brekke  viola, movement

Dani Cole  movement, voice

Erin Landers  movement, voice

Kalun Leung  trombone, movement

Allison Sexton  movement, voice

Jonah Udall (director)  resonator guitar, movement


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