Ariel Lembeck in Residence in February


Ariel Lembeck is a dance artist and dance maker based in Brooklyn whose artistic practice incorporates materials, improvisation and video. Her work has been presented by Triskelion Arts (WaxWorks), JudsonChurch (STUFFED), The Jack Crystal Theater (SWELL 2.0), The Footlight (MerdetheShow), Ruth Page Center for the Arts (Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival), The Floor on Atlantic (Artist in Residence Fall Festival Showing) and The Wild Project (International Human Rights Art Festival). Since graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts she has worked with artists Meredith Monk, Stefanie Nelson, Ivy Baldwin, Douglas Dunn, Celia Rowlson-Hall, Eva Dean, Mari Meade Montoya, Steeledance, and Elisabeth Motley. She currently dances with Jessica Gaynor Dance. www.

Ariel’s latest solo work, Pool of Vibrations (working title), explores the push and pull of self-reflection — examining both the rawness and grotesqueness of personal inquiry revealing what acceptance and obsession look like. Through the interrogation of materials the work plays with indulging in both image and perception to reach a point of deeper awareness.  In this quest for understanding, the work asks: when we separate from the inquiry of self what remains to define us? And if we allow others to see us in a place of vulnerability do we simultaneously allow them to witness us into our full potential? A whirlwind of distortion, the witness is invited to view a duet between the actual and the perceived.

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