Dragon’s Egg Presents at Triskelion: Jason Rabin


Every year, the Dragon’s Egg presents a few of the dancers/actors/musicians who have been in residence at the Egg during the past couple of years.   We normally host around 40 residencies a year, but we present from 8 – 12 artists in the fall, in NYC.  The concert this year will be held at Triskelion in Brooklyn on September 24th at 2 pm.   $15.  Look for more information on this as the time gets closer.  

In the meantime, I shall highlight each of the performers in the next few weeks here, on the website.   namaste, marya


Jason Rabin is a writer, musician and performer based in Boston, Massachusetts. His solo theater pieces are often inspired by archetypes from world mythology and literature, and by American blues traditions. Jason is the lead vocalist, harmonica player and songwriter for the Ways and Means Committee, a blues and roots rock band influenced by the record collections of their hippy antecedents and by the indy rock revolution. A dedicated arts advocate, Jason has worked as an arts reporter and theater critic and currently works to bring arts programming to schools and other educational settings through Young Audiences of Massachusetts.


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