Animal Farm is Coming

Come come to Animal Farm!
This Saturday, June 24, at 4 pm – a one time only event!
Donations welcome
All ages.
At the Dragon’s Egg.

Eggclouds Park in the far field, and come along the designated path to meet Major and Squealer and Snowball and Napoleon and Boxer and Mollie and Benjamin and Muriel and the chickens and dogs and cats and other pigs of the farm!

Chickens The performance will then take place inside the Dragon’s Egg, and should run about an hour or so..By donation.
Pigs The book by George Orwell is our springing off place, and then the dancers and artists involved do a 5 minute or less each “riff” on the text. 


The Mystic Paper Beasts will provide some literal beastie intervals to help tell the tale!  Please do join us!
xo namaste, marya

the Seven Commandments

Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy
Whatever goes upon four legs, or wings, is a friend
No animal shall wear clothes
No animal shall sleep in a bed
No animal shall drink alcohol
No animal shall kill any other animal
All animals are equal

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