Animal Farm at the Egg

Animal Farm!


June 24th at 4 pm at the Dragon’s Egg Studio, a one time only event!  there will be dance and theatre, monologue and song, beasts and commentary!   Come one, come all!  It will be a lark!  or a pigsty!  This show is for all ages, by donation, or free.  The show should last about an hour, give or take, and begins with a mise en scene in the woods approaching the Egg.   You park in the far field, and enter the farm, meet the animals, and then get ushered into the Egg.

This year’s Narrative Project will use Animal Farm by George Orwell as its jumping off point.  A prompt is sent to the performers and each creates a five minute maximum “riff” on the text.  These reflections on the story, character, themes, are then linked by the “beastie bits”, more literal intervals involving Mystic Paper Beasts costumes and masks.


Past projects have included Dante’s Inferno, Romeo and Juliet, the Ramayana, Peter Pan, Orpheus, Alice in Wonderland.  George Orwell wrote his allegory in 1945.   Marya, who assembles the narrative projects, thought it might be an interesting examination this summer.

Do come join us!

We wish you peace and well being.  

Mars in Crazy J

See you on Saturday!

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