Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts in Residence at the Egg

Matt Garza is an educator and performance artist originally from South Texas. A practicing yoga teacher, Garza is A 5-year company member of New Works/World Traditions Dance Company, a founding member of the God(dess) Artist Collective, and is currently the permanent Dance Artist in Residence at TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts in Providence, RI. 
TAPA is an academically-rigorous, arts-integrated public charter school for students in grades 7-12. TAPA is a community of practice, where culture, the performing arts and an expanded learning time are all fundamental components of a rigorous academic program. In Middle School, students rotate and explore Film, Dance, Music, and Theatre. For grades 9-12, students choose an Arts Major, where they spend 2 hours a day in their art form. In the Dance Program, students practice mindfulness, culturally significant and global dance styles, as well as expressive and devised work.


This May, Matt Garza brought his 10th & 11th Grade TAPA Dance Majors to the Dragon’s Egg and sent us this message:

“Words simply cannot express what a transformation took place for us this weekend. This was an incredibly opportunity for my dancers – our weekend at Dragon’s Egg surpassed everything I could have dreamed for this group. In Sunsa’s Dream Circle, we allowed our dreams to guide us; to find our helpers; to have the courage to look inward, to speak, add to listen. While walking through the woods, we navigated not only the nature around us, but we also navigated our fears, our strength, and relationship with one another. Ultimately, we explored how to love ourselves; how to love others; and how to dance more ferociously than we ever had before! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for dreaming and creating this space. I hope to continue developing a partnership together over the coming years.”
This August, Matt Garza will be returning with the God(dess) Artist Collective as well as Educators from TAPA for a weekend of self-guided professional development and artistic collaboration. Later this fall, he will bring his 12th Grade Dance Majors to the Dragon’s Egg to begin the personal process of college essay writing and devising autobiographical dance pieces as part of their Senior Thesis Projects.

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