The Passion Play of Don Quixote

Yes, it was amazing, this assemblage of reflections on Don Quixote.  One performer, Ara Fitzgerald, characterized the event “a passion play for Don Quixote”.  Here is the programme, for your interest, and a few photos.  xox

Quixotic Dream: the Don Quixote Project


November 7th, 2015, the Twelfth Narrative Event at the Egg

assembled yearly by Marya Ursin, 

with a changing ensemble of artists of great talent, boisterous originality, 

and endless generosity.  Thank you to Dan Potter for his support, inventive masks, and love.


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Pre show rovers include members of the cast, reflecting on Don Quixote’s, and our, inclination to see as reality our various dreams/nightmares!  with all that thus transpires.  May you be heroic, and kind, if misguided, as was he!



Beyond the Windmills:  conceived and performed by Jeannie Ruskin


Beastie Bit: Dulcinea, as seen by Don Q, with Dan, Charlie, Lissa, Doug, conceived by Marya


Windmills!   (Don Quixote battles the Windmills!  and loses)

ECT Hoop Tribe:  Serena Judge, Amanda Kulos, Judiann Jones, and Anna May Thompson

Beastie Bit: Don Q: Dan Potter; Sancho P: Charlie Fitzsimmons; conceived by Marya


 “Quixotic Impressions by  Gines de Pasamonte.”   performed by Carl Peruzzotti


“The Horse that Used to be Ordinary”: Amy Larimer, creator and performer


Beastie Bit: Two flocks of sheep do battle, and lose.  conceived by Marya, with Lissa van Dyke, Doug Moffat, Dan Potter, Charlie Fitzsimmons, others


‘Donna Quixote’   created and performed by Ara Fitzgerald


Beastie Bit: The helmet of Mambrino:  with  Don Q – Dan; Sancho P – Charlie; Hapless Barber – Carl P;  rain: marya

conceived by Marya


Cervantes (from Man of LaMancha) speaks on…”Seeing life as it is.”      Performed by Nicky Checker


Beastie Bit: Prisoners escape!  with consequence.. conceived by Marya, with Lissa van Dyke, Doug Moffat, Dan Potter, Charlie Fitzsimmons, others


“Sanity Interlude”   Choreographed and Performed by Cristin Cawley

Composer:  Paganini


Monologue: Jason Rabin


“The Ghost of Rocinante”  created and performed by Clare Byrne

music by Michael Roberts


Reprise: Hoopers;  and/ or Beyond the Windmills: Jeannie Ruskin


Beastie Bits:


Dulcinea?  Is she the lovely lady, exalted in Don Quixote’s dreams? 

Or is she the peasant maid who scrubs laundry, and has dirt on her face? 

Does it matter?



Windmills?  or Giants?  Sancho says windmills, but Don Q avers they are many armed giants with whom he must do battle!   the heroism of Don Q again goes awry!



Opposing armies!   Which to join?  Battle!  Heroism!  Casualties!   

Sancho says no!    they are flocks of sheep?  What??

and there are now – seven dead sheep?  



Mambrino is a fictional Moorish king with a magical helmet.  In this scene, a Barber claps his shaving bowl atop his head when it begins to rain.  Alas, Don Q is convinced this is the missing magical helmet of Mambrino, and have it he must!



Cervantes had little use for the Holy Brotherhood, the enforcers for the Inquisition.  In this scene,The Brotherhood has enchained a group of thieves.  Don Q determines to rescue and release them, but they respond not with gratitude but with jeering stones. 

Clare arabesque

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