Skytails at the Waterford Library, Friday, November 10th, at 2 pm



Skytails at the Waterford Library, Friday, November 10th, at 2 pm

Tellabration has begun!  Tellabration is a  celebration of storytelling throughout the state, organized by the Ct. Storytelling Center, located in New London.

The tales told by the Mystic Paper Beasts Theatre Company are original or traditional folk stories, expressed through humor and movement, in witty and whimsical handmade masks. These performances have delighted audiences of all ages and many nationalities, from Scotland to California, but primarily in the North East of the US, in sites such as museums, libraries, schools, festivals.

The performer for SkyTales is Marya Ursin, yogi/dancer, artist, writer, director.
About SkyTales:

Many of the stories from the Native American tradition are both mysterious and fun, and often involve animal protagonists. The Mystic Paper Beasts weaves a number of these stories together, using masks, puppets, and movement.

Today, Marya will be telling (with the help of the audience) the stories of

Wolf and Coyote (Miwok)
Skywoman (Onandaga)
Scroll Story: Sun’s Daughter (Cherokee)

There will be time afterwards for question and answer.
This performance is appropriate for family audience, and is aimed toward a K-4 crowd.

Marya has written a story book, illustrated by herself and by her husband and co performer, Dan Potter, also called SkyTails – based on this performance.

We Beasts shall continue to celebrate Tellabration with a performance at the Dragon’s Egg on Sunday, November 19th, at 4 pm, at which an array of tellers will create worlds of the imagination, for you, the listeners, that you may then continue with your own story!

Dragon’s Egg is located at 401 Shewville Road in Ledyard.  Come to this, as well!   

These are two very different programs.

Blessings and Peace on your day!

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