Movement for Body Mind Spirit


Ann Watkins, with a Masters in Dance Movement Therapy and as the owner of New Harmony Therapeutic Massage and Somatic Body Work since 1988, is passionate about sharing the experience of moving with ease in our bodies through original movement forms and body work.



Movement for BodyMindSpirit 

Wednesday July 27:  5:30-6:45

with Ann Watkins


Movement for BodyMindSpirit is for anyone who wants to heal their body, sharpen their mind, and expand their spirit through creative, imaginative individual and group movement.




Conscious Anatomy

Wednesday August 17:  5:30-6:45

with Ann Watkins


Conscious Anatomy is for professional body workers, yoga teachers, and anyone else who wants to hone their skills with anatomy and heal their body at the same time with blissful healing movement flows. 

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