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Just to keep you updated: Work is proceeding apace. Because the insulation was smoke infused, it is being removed, which is a labour intensive process. My understanding is that, once mitigation is completed, the builder engaged by ServiceMaster will engage in all permits, zoning conversations, et al, and re building will begin likely in July, and they project will continue to March next year. Could take longer…
So the usual residency activities of the Egg, and the public performances and showings, and collaborations with other arts organizations in our showings, are on hold for the nonce.

Sita looking forward

I plan to initiate a series of zoom events and Living Room events.

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The concert in NYC at University Settlement is On, and will be on Sept.21 at 2 pm. It will showcase short works by 10 residents from the past year or two at the egg. More on that closer to the time.


I thank you for all your attention, support, donations.
And I send greetings and peace out into the world. May we all walk in beauty, and bless the mothers, who help to bring new thoughts and ways into the world, via their children. Let us move toward kindness.


namaste, marya

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