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Mystic Paper Beasts Theatre Company
8 Hancox Street, Stonington, Connecticut 06378
860 535 3346;;

Board of Directors: Mystic Paper Beasts
David Jaffe, president David Dorfman Producer: Dan Potter
Kato McNickle, vice president Ara Fitzgerald Artistic Director: Marya
Marya Ursin, secretary Jeremy Pickard
Daniel Potter, treasurer Shannon Sexton Potter Dragon’s Egg
Jessica Cerullo Exec.Director: Marya Ursin

Greetings! Autumn, 2020

This has been an unusual year for the Dragon’s Egg, as it has been for all of us. The Egg was shuttered beginning in March, and has remained so until recently, when we have carefully and guardedly opened in a minimal way to small, longer residencies, a few rehearsals, and a couple of limited classes. We have rather stringent guidelines in place governing health, well being, as well as extensive cleaning guidelines that reflect the requirements of remaining safe during a pandemic.

We offered our first zoom Narrative Project in August, on the theme of The Plague, by Camus, with local and distant participants, offering puppetry, poetry, dance, music, theatre, film, and, last March, just before all the closures, a promenade concert inspired by the poetry of Emily Dickinson at Hygienic Arts, including dance, theatre, music, puppets.. We thank the Hygienic in New London for this ongoing collaboration! Tellabration is zooming up to be on Sunday, November 15th, at 4 pm. The zoom ID for this performance is 875 6261 0865.
We sponsored a summer Dance Sampler on zoom, and the hoopers have begun to re assemble in small masked numbers, and two regular (masked) dance rehearsals are happening weekly. Public gatherings, workshops, meetings, are all on pause.

We are committed to offering the space, safely, to artists, as they work on new and old work.
We had 10 residencies before we closed in March, and we now have scheduled, from late summer through December, 11 more residencies, some longer term. We welcome these artists!
The process of application for a creative residency can be found on the website, or by contacting Marya directly:

The Beasts, too, have been curtailed in their gallivanting, though Marya has performed on zoom and is making a film of her solo show for use by YAMa, and is also working on further filmed projects for sharing with libraries and museums, as they, too, struggle to provide programs for children and families in a safe environment. Dan has a solo Hoxie show scheduled for next fall, so he, too, is busy creating.

Look at the website for dates and for special announcements.

The Dragon’s Egg has no endowment: it was built through the generosity of its creators, and relies upon membership donations for its support. Levels of membership run from “mouse” at $20 a year, to “dragon” at $100 and above. Please be a dragon!! You may pay via PayPal, or by cheque.

We wish you well, and look forward to hearing from you.

Marya and Dan, and the Board of the Mystic Paper Beasts/Dragon’s Egg. (See over)

11/15 at 4 pm: Tellabration, zooming by the Egg: 875 6261 0865
Holiday Bazaar, possibly on December 6th from 1-4, but, probably to be postponed…
January 3: Poetry reading, via zoom: 868 0600 8766.
3/7/2020, or tba, at 12 noon: Hygienic Egg – perhaps on site, perhaps on zoom
April – Earth Day celebration, perhaps live, or on zoom 830 0842 8307
June or August, a late Saturday afternoon, date tba, 2020 – the Narrative Project

Yes, we’d like to join the Mystic Paper Beasts (gifts to the MPB are tax deductible).

You may pay via PayPal:

Or by cheque to the Mystic Paper Beasts.

Oh! and we’d like an extra membership as a gift for our friends, who will be thrilled – thus it becomes both support for the artists, and a gift for friends.

____________$25 mouse; ___________$30-50 gazelle; ____________$60-99 lion; ___________more $- dragon!




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