January at the Egg!

Brrrr!  It is upon us, the sharp clear chill of winter!   But the Egg is warm, a well lit space in the woods, at the end of the field, taking in the changing light, the shadows through the trees.   

Classes in yoga, Acro Yoga, children’s dance, the Mystery School, dreaming circle, Dances of Peace, continue, and residencies this month have included Clare Byrne, Amy Larimer, Jeff Petersen, Shannon Sexton Potter, filling the Egg with the richness of creation and imagination.  

Upcoming residencies will include:  Michelle Bach Coulibaly, delicate beast, the Nadine Project, Sarin West and friends, Elizabeth Seldin, Taylor Donofrio.  

The Beasts will rove for the Hygienic Kids’ Art Show on 1/30, and for various Chinese New Year’s celebrations out and about.  

Let the snows come!   We love it, and are well heated within our spirits and hearts.  We wish you well in this early 2016.


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