GREYZONE will be in residence at the Egg!

Lindy photoby Maria Baranova
photo by Maria Baranova

Founded by choreographer Lindy Fines and creative director Justin Fines, GREYZONE explores the transformational power of inherited movement traditions and the creation of self within community. Melding deconstructed ballet and modern dance vocabularies, visual arts, and time-based media, GREYZONE’s works for film and stage uncover non-narrative theatricality and highlight the ritual of performance.

GREYZONE’s work centers around the possibilities and limitations of classical Western dance lineages and the communities we create by generating new physical rituals as a group. The work continually asks how we might build communities that affirm and represent all the members present while lifting up the parts of our pasts that shore us up. With each process we wonder: can we simultaneously honor and reimagine traditions passed down over time? What relationships and identities will this reimagining produce?

In 2021, Lindy was a GALLIM Moving Women Artist-in-Residence, and in 2019 GREYZONE was a NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow in Choreography through the New York Foundation for the Arts. GREYZONE premiered ASSEMBLY at the Oklahoma International Dance Festival in August 2021 where they were hosted as the Inaugural Artist-In-Residence. ASSEMBLY was supported by The Harkness Foundation for Dance, New Music USA, Foundation for Contemporary Arts (Emergency Grant), the Mayer Foundation and the Tucker Family Foundation. ( @greyzonenyc)

Lindy photoby Maria Baranova2
Photo by Maria Baranova

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