Greyzone in Residence!

Greyzone in Residence at the Egg from August 29 through September 2.   

Lindy and Justin Fines are the founders and directors of GREYZONE, a New York City-based multimedia-dance company that has been presenting works for stage throughout NY and dance films nationally and internationally since 2011. GREYZONE melds Lindy’s choreography and artistic direction with Justin’s creative direction, yielding synergistic productions that investigate the collaborative potential of rigorous “neoformal” dance, sound design, time-based media, and visual arts. 
Lindy and Justin will be working on their current performance project BLOOM, a new trio with live sound. BLOOM will premiere in part at the Dance Gallery Festival at Ailey Citigroup Theater in November. Using the conceptual framework of ‘dance training,’ BLOOM explores how we receive and pass on collective histories, even as we unconsciously filter and transform those histories through our personal experiences. This work centers on embodied change over time, and will reference Lindy’s own choreographic archive, ballet and modern dance vocabularies, and the training and identities of the dancers. BLOOM seeks to unearth and cultivate the unanticipated intimacies that arise through the creation of a dance for three.  
During their time at the Dragon’s Egg, Lindy will be continuing research and development of movement material for the dance and Justin will be developing the sound score. 
GetPart 1
Film stills from GREYZONE short “Penumbra”. Director of Photography: Anibal Hernandez, Clothing/Styling: House of 950. 

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