Garden Club, Poets, and Beasts!!!

The Stonington Garden Club, Mystic Paper Beasts, Poets Collaboration Schedule

The Garden Club event, Gardens by the Sea, runs from 10-4 on both Friday and Saturday, June 10 and 11. They are focussed on a number of gardens in the Boro, and have a satellite which is the Children’s Garden, in front of the Como. People may, or may not, make their way across the bridge to the Children’s Garden.


June 10th
The Children will be at the Children’s Garden, from the Como programs, at 10 am on Friday. Preschoolers.

Rm bird
Poets will be on some sort of raised platform, one that we can then carry to the next venue.

***During or after, I would like to have 2-4 beasts roving in flower, plant, bird, insect themed masks, on the square, on the streets.

June 11th
There will not be the Children’s Garden portion, so our focus will be more within the Boro.
Basically the same as above, with Beasts roving on Library Square and then along the street to Cannon Square, where a second, possibly a third, short reading would happen.
Timing I propose:
10:30 Beasts on Library Square roaming
11 Poets on Library Square
11:30 Beasts rove down to the Cannon Square
12 Poets on Cannon Square
12:30 Beasts rove a bit more, seeing where the winds carry us.
A third poetry reading would be possible, if poets feel they want to do so. They could stay at the Cannon, go to the Lighthouse, go back to the Library..

Springflowers lenten rose1
Timing is loose…
In the event of rain, we cannot do this, alas.

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