Elizabeth Seldin at the Egg

Eliz seldin


We took What Haunts You, a new play by Elizabeth Seldin to the Dragons Egg in October 2016.  The play explores the worlds of the 1920s and 1960s as experienced through ghosts in a theater called The Imperial Theater. 


As a cast and creative team, getting to sleep, eat and play together was so helpful as this is what the play focuses on; artists that function day in and day out together.  The wide open space of the yoga studio provided an fertile ground for us to do group warm-ups, learn the Charleston and explore on all three levels how the ghsots move.

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At one point we turned off all the lights and had a single flashlight, with Robert Frost improvising old creepy music we got to really explore how creepy it was to be a spirit trapped in a theater. 

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Since coming back from the Egg I have been able to process all of that which we found and this is launching the whole show into an amazing direction wherein we wish to have a full production by the spring of 2017. 

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