Dragon’s Egg Presents was a Thing of Beauty and Breath



The annual performance I present in NYC of dancers, actors, musicians, who have been in residence at the Dragon’s Egg in the past year, or two, was this past Saturday, Sept. 23rd, at 2 pm, at University Settlement’s wonderful Speyer Hall.

Our lighting designer was Emma Rivera and our stage manager was LD Kelley. Ticket takers were Aarya Tiwathia and her friend, Mia Gomez. (and me). Dan was our able videographer.

The performers – oh the performers – were wonderful!
I celebrate them, and the art that we all love, and love to share.
Thank you to the Kickstarter supporters and to the sold out audience!

May we walk in peace and kindness.
I look forward to seeing you, whenever that may be.

xo namaste, marya


1. ”Pre-show musical act”The Celestials: Clare Byrne Amy Larimer, Nicholas Leichter, Dan Strauss

2. “BECOMING” (film)
Anabella Lenzu

3. “LIFELINE” Alison Cook Beatty Dance.

4. “Como Las Hortensias: An Excerpt”. Amelia Rose Estrada

5. “Things that aren’t there” TINATA: Brynne Billingsley, Elizabeth Corbett, Penelope Freeh

6. “Forgive Her, Hera” Garet Wierdsma

7. “bouquet” (excerpts) Catherine Messina, rogue wave.

8. “Ode to the Greats: from your favorite disgruntled ex-ballerina”. Falls Kennedy

9. jill sigman/thinkdance

10. “Pilgrimage” (film) Ara Fitzgerald



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