Dragon’s Egg Presents at Triskelion Arts

On Saturday, September 26th at 2 pm: 

Dragon’s Egg Presents at Triskelion Arts,


a concert of dance, theater, music, created by ten artists and companies who have had residenciesin the past year at the Dragon’s Egg, a retreat/rehearsal space near Mystic, Connecticut.  The event is assembled/directed by Marya Ursin, artistic director of The Mystic Paper Beasts Theatre Company and of the Dragon’s Egg.  www.dragonseggstudio.org


The performances will take place at 


Triskelion Arts

106 Calyer Street

(at the corner of Banker Street)

Brooklyn, NY 11222


triskelionarts.org, on 



9/26 at 2 pm, 2015

$15 general admission. Seating is limited. 

reservations: mybeasts@aol.com

information: marya at 860 535 3346

Or limited tickets at the door…


Cristin Cawley

Taylor Donofrio Dance

Falcon Dance

Ara Fitzgerald

Morgan Griffin

Kristin Hatleberg

Cara Heerdt and Cara Liguori 

Luke Murphy

SeaWife: Cain and Abel project

Elizabeth Seldin

Superhero Clubhouse

Team Awesome Robot



stage manager Sabrina Doolittle 

Trisk pc toe down

lighting: Andrew Dickerson

assembled/produced by Marya Ursin: mybeasts@aol.com; 

marya also at:  dragonseggstudio@gmail.com


Performance will last approximately one hundred minutes, with a brief pause midway.

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