Croquet at the Egg is on the Rain Date

Dan pipe dream

Re the Croquet et al at the Egg, originally scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Egg:

Currently, showers, possibly thunderstorms, are predicted for Tuesday,
so the Croquet and Boules gathering will be on the rain date,
which is Wednesday, 6/23, when it is supposed to be clear, or mostly clear!

This is not really a pot luck, as I am avoiding shared bowls and serving dishes and such. There will be iced teas and seltzer and cookies and such. And yes, you may bring seltzer or juice or nuts or crackers or clementines or baked things – just keeping the items discrete!

Mostly it is just to have a late afternoon chat and high stakes croquet playing! on the uneven turf of the field in front of the Egg. Heh. To allow for this playing space, park at the far end of the field (so immediately as you come into the field, park to your left and walk toward the Egg from there).

Oh! we sorted through our books, so there are boxes and boxes of books in the Barn. Please take a look, and take one, several, lots!

You may be unmasked out of doors (please practice social distancing), but if you need to use the bathroom in the egg, masks are required.

See you on Wednesday, I hope!!

xo marya

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