Coming Up!!

“Triskelion Presents the Dragon’s Egg” is coming up!   September 29th: two distinct concerts, one at 4 pm, one at 7 pm.   See the earlier article for more details about it!  and visit the website:

There will be seventeen different artists – dancers, actors, singers, monologuists, presenting work.   I look forward to seeing you there, in Brooklyn, NY.   It will be fabulous!

Triskelion is in Williamsburg.  The closest subway stop is Bedford Street on the L line (one stop into Brooklyn, if you are coming from Manhattan).  It is then about a five block walk – an easy walk – to 118 North 11th St, 3rd floor (walk up), between Berry and Wythe.  There are directions for car and from other subway stops on the Triskelion Arts website.

Also coming up:   an opening of

Dan Potter’s paintings on September 22nd from 4 – 6 pm (closing party 10/13: 4-6)

at Construction Company Gallery at 10 East 18th Street, 3rd floor, NYC.  Ring the bell for Construction Company and I shall ring you up – wait, be patient!  And arrive!

We shall gather with friends and lovely art work of Dan’s from the past year or two. Marya will also bring some of her books, illustrated by Dan!,  if you would like to purchase one, and the Originals from the paintings in the book will be on the walls, too!   Along with chickens and nudes, faces and pups.   We look forward to seeing you there, too.

Labyrinth Walk!   Oooo this will be especially strong, equinoctial energies just after the full moon.  We can stride forth through the tides of time and imagination!

The Egg, meanwhile, will be full of creative residencies.  Visit the website often, and look at the calendar, to see who will be there!   Among others coming up:  Tony Vo and the Lobbyists, Race Dance, Lindy Fines and dancers, Leta Tremblay and Fullstop, Cori Kresge, Dan Froot.   wow!!   What richness.

Classes, too, are commencing, at different points, in this next month.   Marya’s yoga classes all began the last week of August.  Join us!

We wish you well.



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