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You Sound Like a Girl
Starting in infanthood, women’s voices are constantly critiqued, conditioned, and policed: shrill, harsh, babyish, sexy, sing-songy, girly, loud, quiet, etc. No wonder so many women are silenced, since every time they open their mouths they are subject to scrutiny. And, what does it even mean to sound “like a girl?” You Sound Like a Girl is a performance and companion voice workshop that seeks to both answer and dismantle this question.

Since August, 2017, we have been conducting workshops about the cultural, physical, and emotional baggage surrounding the way women sound.The stories and themes that emerge from these workshops will be turned into the multimedia storytelling performance of You Sound Like a Girl, which will be paired with a future iteration of the voice workshop. The performance of You Sound Like a Girl will bring necessary conversations to light, while the workshop will help attendees access the freedom to use their own voices.

After almost a year of workshops with women ages 11-88, we are now working on developing the performance aspect of You Sound Like a Girl! We’ll be spending 4 days at the Dragon’s Egg in Mystic, CT this July and then the month of August back in NYC developing the performance, and then presenting it to the public at the end of the summer.

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