Brynne Billingsley to be at the Egg in Residence!



 Brynne Billingsley to be at the Egg in Residence in May!


I am exploring concepts of the inner world and spirituality along with imagery connected to the sacred circle in the form of the mandala and in ritual, both historically and contemporaneously. Separately, I am investigating the concept and perception of time as an abstraction, a felt sense, and a meditative and performative tool. Acknowledging the inseparability of the mind-body-heart-spirit has been a main theme throughout my process as I work towards embodying this research. I am attempting to give equal importance to what I’m considering to be inner research and outer research. Inner research seems rooted in my creative manifestation, my meditative practices and improvisations, and has the potentiality to allow for authenticity to emerge as I practice embodiment in my movement and research explorations. My outer research is currently linked to how others experience and manifest their inner research, which has been an inspiring and uplifting journey that has allowed me to feel connections to other artists, thinkers, writers, and the greater world.  Where these two worlds collide, the inner and the outer, appears to be the threshold that will allow for the actualization of this project. As Carl Jung states, “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” With my current interpretation attuned to our interconnectedness, I consider the dream state and the awake state to be essential to my creative process in making this new work while moving through life. 

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