Bodystories: Teresa Fellion Dance Showing

BodyStories:  Join Teresa Fellion Dance for a showing of dance material, some new and some refined, at the end of their residency at the Dragon’s Egg. The showing will be on Tuesday, January 21 at 6pm. 


” Teresa Fellion’s Choreography is like a car engine of movement; transference of energy that is constantly remolded/ shifted, and brings us to a beautiful place…”

Celeste miller

Jacob’s Pillow International Dance Festival


After having received rave reviews internationally for its first iteration, the company will be performing selections created for and from the piece

The Mantises Are Flipping (P.S. I’ll have whatever they’re having)”  that they are currently expanding and developing for their spring NYC season. The Mantises Are Flipping (P.S. I’ll have whatever they’re having) investigates reactions and relationships to sound and explores various dualities through movement. The organization of sound and movement in the work establishes a world in which the two elements are indistinguishable. Musician/composer Ryan Edwards performs live with the dancers and the dancers contribute sounds of varying lengths, intention, volume, and rhythmic complexity.  The work invites the viewer to contemplate the relative nature of normalcy through the comedic and imaginative atmosphere of Mantises Are Flipping


We would be delighted if you could attend and see work that Teresa Fellion and the 8 bodystories dancers have been creating  during their Dragon’s Egg Residency. You may visit to learn more about the company.  (photo by Andy Phillipson)

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