African Dance at the Egg

March 15th


$20 per person; $10 for children



Music and dance are the heart and soul of Ghanaian culture. From a young age children are moving and shaking to the drum beat and bell. There are many Ghanaian cultural dances, all telling a different story. This class is a chance to learn about a new culture, its traditions and stories while also awakening your body to exciting sounds and movement. This three hour workshop will give you a glimpse into one of the most popular dances, Gahu, which is a social dance with lively moves and beats. Live drumming and the heat building from dance, will have you feeling like you have stepped right off the plane and into Ghana.



Ghanaian born and raised, Eric Amoquandoh used dance and drumming to get him through the hardships of life in West Africa. Eric has just moved to the area and is bringing with him his love for his culture, music and dance. For nearly 10 years Eric has been sharing these stories and dances with universities, schools and individuals. Eric hopes to keep these traditional dances alive and teach others how to tell stories through music and movement.

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