A Cat Named Toni Morrison

A Cat Named Toni Morrison is in residence at the Dragon’s Egg this week!


A Cat named Toni Morrison: A National Theater Institute Alumni Company

Our theatrical collective is comprised entirely of early­-career professional theater artists who attended the National Theater Institute Fall 2013 Semester Program. While working on our Final Project: It’s All Relative,a company­devised piece about funny­sadness, we were introduced to the Dragon’s Egg as a space of theatrical innovation, collaboration and creative energy. Since our 2013 initiation to the Dragon’s Egg Studio space, our company has spent two annual week­long summer retreats at the Egg. During our first residency, we created an hour­long radio play chronicling the journey of a mime and the ferryman of the River Styx across a smoky, dystopian South Dakotan wasteland. Last year, we developed the adventure of Rose the Wanderer through Atmosphere,­ a world of magic and sky pirates, where libraries are the keys to knowledge and adventure, and dreams are not always the beautiful visions we imagine them to be. We are so excited to return to the Egg this summer to reconnect as an ensemble and renew our artistic energies. 


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