Year end Membership Letter for the Beasts and Egg

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On a balmy (!) November day, we look back at the year for the Mystic Paper Beasts, and at the Dragon’s Egg. Marya applied for four grants and we were very fortunate to receive:

We received two General Operating Support Grant \for Theaters and Performing Groups, from Ct. Humanities and from the Dept of Economic and Community Development. Office of the Arts. We could not have stayed open without these, and are deeply grateful. They have made possible the continuing activities of the Egg, our capacity to serve performing artists who come to be in residence at the Egg, and our ability to offer public events to the community. Marya has re-applied for these for 2023.

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We also received an ARPA grant from Stonington to collaborate with the Stonington Garden Club on their wonderful summer tour of the gardens of Stonington. We had beasts roving, and poets speaking their poems to all who passed, and also gave a short performance to the COMO children in the Children’s Garden, as a part of the Grant. We had 17 performers involved on the two days!


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We also received a prestigious NEFA grant to offer a residency and performance opportunity to Cornfield Dance from NYC. This is an exquisite company, and their performance thrilled all who were able to attend: we had artists and poets actively present in the audience, sketching, and writing, until they just could no longer take their eyes from the dance.

This public help has been of enormous importance to us. Please support the public servants who make this happen, who place value on the arts, education, and humanities, and their place in society.


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We have had numerous events at the Egg – performances by dancers, actors, writers, poets, singers, music groups, improv groups. We also returned to our annual (or bi annual – but none since covid) NYC performance: The show at University Settlement was excellent-sold out! Nine covid era residents presented work, which included dance, comedy, film, music. Next year: 9/23/23 at 2 pm.

This year, we shall continue to host artists, to present work, and to open the doors to various community events. Look at the website for dates and for special announcements.

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The Beasts are back to roving, teaching, and performing. Marya has had nine shows this past month!

The Dragon’s Egg relies upon membership donations for its support. Levels of membership: “mouse” at $25 a year, to “dragon” at $100 and above. You may pay via PayPal, or by cheque.

We wish you well, and look forward to hearing from you.

Marya and Dan, and the Board of the Mystic Paper Beasts/Dragon’s Egg.

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