The swing survives, and on we go

Empty on April 27


The work proceeds.
You can see that the swing survives! The second one is also there. And the shower with the bas reliefs looks pretty much intact. There is a meeting with the (re) builder this week, as the work of mitigation comes to a close…
We are busily building masks, ourselves, for Marya’s upcoming show in Cambridge on May 8 – fun! I have enjoyed the intensity of the deadline process and did alot before Dan returned, and now he is also making things, and painting the story scroll. It has been difficult to find a proper scroll – this one crinkles alot, but we shall see… There are various materials we actually had to buy – like tongs for the flying bird, cheescloth, some white (fake) fur, as our accumulation of Things no longer is.
We shall likely build a pre fab shed of sorts where the Barn was, for holding masks and props. We are not that far along the rprcess yet.
And I don’t know how long the rebuilding will take.


Empty2 on April 27
Nonetheless, we are planning on Circe on July 13 at 4 pm, likely out of doors, possibly on zoom. On verra.
Magic is afoot.
Thanik you for all your love and support!
namaste, marya

The swing survives!

The swing survives

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