The Layers of the Mind

Familiar with the statement, “Point of view is Everything”?   There’s no denying that if the mind is agitated, the world looks bleak, even if the bank account is full, the house is perfect, the family is healthy and the job is secure.  On the other hand, if the bank account is empty, the house in disrepair, the family broken and the job lost…the serene mind will provide a feeling of unconditional contentment.    

Ayurveda presents us with a model in which to understand our emotions as well as practices to create balance in the mind and a state of gratification, no matter the outside circumstances life presents.   Join us on March 15 at the Dragon’s Egg Studio as we learn how to harness the power of the mind.
Dragon’s Egg Studio is located at 401 Shewville Road, Ledyard, CT
March 22 from 1PM – 4PM to explore the Layers of the Mind.
Instructor is Jessica Ferrol, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, PKS, E-RYT
Cost: $35

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