Snowy Days and Full Moons

The snows bring explorations into the world of Pan, Wonderland!   Full Stop Collective, this time under Elizabeth Seldin’s dream, spent a long and productive musical weekend at the Egg exploring Peter’s world of memory and wonder.  On their heels came the sacred singing bowls of Anne Belliveau, who sonically ushered in new resident, dancer/choreographer/professor Ruth Barnes, who will spend the snowy week with feet on the floor and head in the stars, dancing dancing being.  Then, between Christmas and New Year’s, Marya will begin to create a solo mask and movement story telling piece based on her new (and only – so far!) story book, A Bowlful of Ladoo, for which she asked Dan Potter to do the wonderful illustrations (and he did!).  

The new year will bring Many Many more residencies, classes, events,  and workshops!  Check the calendar for details.  

We wish you well on these snowy days, as we move toward Solstice and 2014. Cover_2.pdf

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