Morgan Griffin in Residence!!

griffindance is a New York City based dance company founded by Morgan Griffin. The company is based on the concepts of imagination, discovery, and inspirations. By combining outside inspirations such as film, photography, fashion, and writings, griffindance works to create a space and an environment that is new; one that magically evolves as entirely different than what we started with; one that is perhaps bizarre, only existing in our minds or in our hearts. Through specific movement and gestures, as well as grand sweeping movement, we search for ways to surprise and satisfy. We want the audience to be curious. So that they cannot quite put their finger on what we are doing, or where we are, but nonetheless they are a part of it, and somehow, know exactly what is going on. Because we’re not always exactly sure where we are either. It’s like the worlds and stories you create when you are a child, that you completely understand, but cannot describe.


Morgan griffin1Morgan griffin10Morgan griffin2Morgan griffin7

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