Lee Houck and Jamie Graham in Residence

Lee Houck and Jamie Graham in Residence at the Egg!!  Yay!




Jamie Graham is a New York based dancer, impoviser, and physical comedienne. She divides her time between improvised dance theater duo The Raving Jaynes, with Amy Larimer, and Jenny Rocha’s dance theater cabaret group The Painted Ladies, as well as in depth study and project-based work with Barbara Mahler. She also teaches in the Movement Speaks program for Naomi Goldberg’s Dances for A Variable Population and is a Romana’s Pilates certified Pilates Instructor.  Jamie is currently developing solo material exploring habit, impulse, and shifting attention.




Lee Houck was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and, in 2017, celebrates 20 years of living in New York City.  His debut novel, Yield, was the winner of Project QueerLit 2008, and was published by Kensington Books in September 2010.  His writing appears in numbers anthologies published in the U.S. and Australia, and in three limited-edition chapbooks: Fire Island/Follies (fiction, 2014;) Warnings (poems, 2009;) and Collection (essays, 2006).  His other work includes original pieces for theater seen in Vermont, Tennessee and in New York City, art installations for the Musee de Monoian, and poetry in the Magnetic Poetry Calendar.  With Jennifer Miller, he has been seen in “Cracked Ice” and “The Golden Racket,” and with Circus AMOK! for many, many seasons.

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