Earth Day is Every Day! come on May 17th!

Earth Day, Celebrate the earth, yourself, all beings, with us, at the Dragon’s Egg, on

Sunday, May 17, from 2-4:30 pm. 

 There will be a few vendors, perhaps a poet or two, a nature walk, some games, and I shall lead a sunworship early on, and a pilgrimage dance or a wolf dance part way through, but mostly it will be a gathering of friends and spirits, familiars and magical beings, to be grateful, to laugh, to dance!

I remember ever that when a shaman first meets someone who is ill, she asks, when did you last dance?  when did you last sing?  as this is the indicator of when the imbalance began.

So let us sing, and dance, and shape change, with delight, blessing our earth, and our walk upon it!

xo marya

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