Dancing Summer Egg!

Summer Dance Sampler  6/4- 7/30,  2014

Wednesdays, 5:30 – 6:30 pm, @ $12,  unless otherwise noted


Pre registration for each class singly please!  

Cheque to Mystic Paper Beasts with the particular class in the subject line. 

That will be how we know if a class is a “go” or not…


June 4    Priscilla Humphrey: Restorative Yoga  

June 11  Monica Bengston:  Zumba

June 18  Jessica Ferrol:  Ayurveda, the Intuitive Healing System

June 25  Maia Bingham: Hooping

July 2    Marya Ursin: Kundalini Meditation, (begins at 5 pm)  $5 donation 

July 9     Chloe Carlson: Contemporary Technique

July 16   Ashley Jones:  African Dance

July 23   Christine Poland:  Modern Dance

July 30   Sharon Didato:  Tai Chi  (begins at 6 pm)



Class Descriptions:


Restorative Yoga, June 4:  An innovative and gentle class for all levels of yoga experience. Imagine each yoga pose so supported that there is no muscular efforting. Great for openings of long held tension, deeply relaxing, centering & a great new yoga experience…Yogic dessert!


Zumba, June 11: Barefoot Zumba uses a fusion of international and Latin music with unique moves and dynamic combinations.   A mixture of body sculpting and easy-to follow dance steps, perfect for beginners!


Ayurveda, June 18:  Ayurveda gives us a simple, nature based system of how to determine what we need to feel great and have energy.  This class will cover these simple laws of nature and the basic tools to use everyday.


Hooping, June 25:  With her beautiful handmade hoops, Maia will teach you techniques to inspire your own personal flow in the art of hoop dance.  All levels are welcome!  Bring water, bare feet, a hoop if you have one, a smile & an open heart!  Hoops will be provided for use during class and offered for sale and custom order.


Kundalini, July 2: An hour long dynamic meditation from Rajneesh, including shaking, dancing, slow motion, and relaxation.  It is an amazing release of energy.


Contemporary Technique, July 9: warmup phrases building up from the floor and into center work will crescendo in big movement chunks that highlight a generous use of space.  We will focus on self-expression, use of weight and breath, voluminous movement and the joy of dancing in a community!


African, July 16:  Come experience the energy & culture of traditional dance from Guinea, West Africa. Get ready to let loose & have fun while getting a great workout! Classes are accompanied by Live Percussion with Matthew Dean.


Modern Dance with Christine, July 23

Tai Chi, July 30: This class will focus on the Basic Principles of Tai Chi Ch’uan emphasizing postural alignment, balance, whole body movement, methods of breathing and other concepts specific to the art.  The five major styles will also be introduced.  

Bios for teachers:



Restorative Yoga, June 4: Priscilla Humphrey has enjoyed 17 years of teaching Kripalu Yoga! Her style is gentle, deep and fluid. Her joy as a teacher is in sharing all the she has to offer to help you feel great in your body, mind & heart.


Zumba, June 11: Monica Bengtson has been teaching Zumba to adults, kids, and seniors in the Connecticut area since 2010.  She is certified in group fitness by AFAA.  She resides in Quaker Hill, Ct.


Ayurveda, June 18:  Jessica Ferrol is the Owner of the Community Ayurvedic Herbalist.  She supports the wellness of our community through one-on-one Ayurvedic consultations, educational workshops and with her own herbal remedies.


Hooping, June 25: Maia Rose is the hooping maven of Eastern CT!  She currently teaches adults and children & performs hoop dance all over CT and beyond.  Find her at Facebook.com/shivashaktihoopdance & youtube.com/maiabingles.  For circus info check out Facebook.com/om-fly.


Dynamic Meditation, July 2:  Marya Ursin is the Director of the Dragon’s Egg, co director of the Mystic Paper Beasts, and is on faculty of the National Theatre Institute and of Conn. College.  She has been dancing/performing since age 3, and doing yoga since age 19.  She has been teaching the latter since 1981.  www.dragonseggstudio.org


Modern Dance, July 9:  Chloe has had a lifelong passion for dance, which she shares through teaching, choreographing and performing.  After co-founding and directing a contemporary company for years, she is currently performing with Elm City Dance Collective (New Haven) and creating solo work.  Dance, dance, dance!


African Dance, July 16:  Ashley Jones trained under & performed in company with Abdoulaye Sylla, former principal to Le Ballets Africains (the National Ballet of Guinea).  With eighteen years experience in this form Ashley is engaging & organized with patience & positive reinforcement at the root of her teaching.


Modern Dance, July 23: Christine Poland


Tai Chi, July 30: Sharon Didato is a certified Tai Chi and Qigong instructor with over twenty years of teaching experience. Having trained extensively in both the martial and healing arts since the early 1990s, Sharon is skilled in both the theory and practice of Traditional and Modern styles of Tai Chi Chuan and Medical Qigong. Her knowledge goes far beyond the the Basic Principles to include Traditional Chinese and Classical Taoist Healing systems which inform her practice and will make up the foundation of this sampler course.  






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